Collaborate by Visual Inspector

Free website feedback collaboration and design bug fixing


Your favorite design chrome extension - Visual Inspector is now much more powerful with collaboration on website feedback and fixing design bugs.

Here's a quick glimpse of new features: sync changes to cloud , add comments to the pages, share and collaborate changes remotely .

So start fixing design issues or trying new styles on live pages :)

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Ujjwal Trivedi
Jijo Jose
Rihards Grāvis
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  • Avinash Kesari
    Avinash KesariSr. Software Engineer

    Make design changes on live website without opening chrome inspector and share all changes with team. Love this product <3


    - Not yet

    I really love the idea. Making changes on live website and sharing changes with team members was not easy before Visual Inspector. Now by using Visual Inspector I am able to make design changes on fly without opening Chrome Inspector, add comment on the page and share with my team member. Now no more screenshot of website to discus changes. Now I can discus it with my team on live website only. It saved a lot of our time. Thank you Team :) <3

    Avinash Kesari has used this product for one week.
  • Jijo Jose
    Jijo JoseFounder - AceBox Media

    Being able to collaborate with my designer who has zero coding knowledge


    Mobile view yet to be supported(Toggle Device) - [Coming Soon according to the co-founder]

    Been using Visual Inspector for sometime now, also introduced it to my designer he loved it and he used to email me css specifications. But with the new collaboration feature I can directly look at the changes he suggests and implement them on the live site.

    Jijo Jose has used this product for one month.
  • Ujjwal Trivedi
    Ujjwal TrivediSr. Product Manager , CouponDunia

    Makes it really easy for the team to pick those tiny inconsistencies and get them fixed. Otherwise these keep getting pushed for later.


    None yet

    So I can now do quick fix and show how it needs to look, without having to go to a designer or front end guy and seek their time for some quick changes.

    Ujjwal Trivedi has used this product for one week.