Coherence X for macOS

Turn websites into powerful chromium-based applications.

Coherence X allows you to turn websites into powerful chromium-based apps on your Mac. Use Chrome extensions, profiles, and more.
Just some of the dozens of updates include:
- Brave support
- Intelligent Whitelisting
- App manager
- much, much more...
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Hello Hunters! Today, we're ecstatic to launch Coherence X, the latest entry in our industry leading SSB product, Coherence. This update includes dozens of major changes and improvements, including: - Brave support: For those looking for a more privacy-centric way to create Coherence apps - Intelligent whitelisting: Easily define allowed URLs and bump others to your default browser - A drastically improved creation tool - The new app manager and the ability to edit previously created apps - A significantly improved backend For launch day, hunters can get 25% off any Coherence X order or license type using the code 'Product Hunt' at checkout (including the great new Unite + Coherence bundle)! We hope you love it as much as we do. Here's 5 complimentary licenses for the earliest hunters :-) D223F62D-B9371B11-C9AE5AB1-CF7D30BA-CC94BDD1 F2364CF5-B6CF82DD-27D002E3-A718A869-48C04D9D 6F2B01DD-1860FA52-5289C9FD-36371736-B64B1828 3ABDD4D3-A711E94C-F572A258-3EA1C17C-AC9F28E9 7CC0A2CC-D6E03F66-2DB10161-4D985CD1-FF7F55AD Thanks for reading!
@bzg0515 sad the post got screwed up prior to being able to get one of the 5 licenses
Don't buy this app. The developer updates their app frequently, and renames it, and charge you, for example, Coherence, Coherence Pro, Coherence Pro 2, Coherence X, etc. You will be charged by every SIMILAR app. I can tell you, After several months, there will be Coherence X 2. How Greedy. :-(
@sunnyheart It's more likely after a year they'll update v2, and continue to support the older apps.
@sunnyheart This is an unfair criticism - we release a major update exactly once a year, and opt for optional, discounted paid upgrades as opposed to subscription pricing. You will find few users with this criticism. Additionally, we continue to support the previous years version for at least a year after launch of the next (so, Coherence Pro 2 will be supported until at least May 2021).
@ryan_roberts1 No. Just several months. I have two of them (Coherence Series). I am really a stupid guy...
@bzg0515 OK~~~ EVERY BODY please BUY it and we will see.
@ryan_roberts1 @sunnyheart You can see full release history at Coherence 1: Aug 2013 Coherence 2: Dec 2014 Coherence 3: Dec 2015 Coherence 4: Aug 2016 Coherence 5: Aug 2017 Cohernece Pro: May 2018 Coherence Pro 2: June 2019 Coherence X: May 2020
Coherence X for macOS is the better way to create web bas apps from our favorites websites
Thank you Binyamin
WOW! looks really nice. I missed the codes.