Coda Packs with Data Sync

A building block that keeps up with your data.

One of our most powerful building blocks just got new integrations, data sync, and a powerful new feature we call Packs Tables. Ever seen a doc do this?
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Excited to bring the new Coda Packs to Product Hunt! We launched our first rev of Coda Packs on Product Hunt about a year ago, and the response was awesome. We saw Coda makers remix these third-party integrations into amazing docs ー or as we like to say, "docs as powerful as apps". And this release takes Coda Packs to a totally new level. The new building block here is Packs Tables, which enables one of our most common requests: data sync. Now with the click of a button, your Coda doc can pull your calendar into a table, so you can quickly categorize and set goals for each meeting. A table can merge your customer emails with your revenue pipeline, and follow up with your clients automatically. As a bonus, we also added two of your most-requested Packs - Jira and Shopify - so now your product roadmap and inventory work seamlessly with the building blocks in your doc. You can take a look at a wide set of examples at or read more about the news on our blog post. And if you just want to see a fun test case, here's an example I put together on how to use the new Coda Packs to color your calendar 😄. What's your favorite use case?
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@shishirmehrotra Congrats on the launch! Coda really is a revolutionary new product in an exciting area. Packs really open up Coda as a platform. Will be fascinating to see what your community does with it. (Hoping to see some HubSpot packs on the horizon). :)
Packs are a fantastic addition to Coda, it's now incredibly easily to connect lots of data sources sources together with a few clicks. As an example I created one that turns your Gmail inbox into a Coda ToDo list and then gives every item a "Add to your Calendar" function. Excited to see what this makes possible
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@destraynor Love this template. Your tweet ( on this topic was epic and it's so fun to see it come to life in Coda!
I love Coda! I like to see all the hard work these guys are putting it to help us be more human by automating as much as possible our day to day work. Keep going guys!
@marc_fitt thanks for being such a fantastic maker!
I'm really excited about this release of Coda. I've been using a custom template for my to do list since back in March, and this made it really easy to add tasks from my email into my overall workflow (vs. having to look in two places). Here's my template:
@ellenchisa Awesome use case. To-Do lists are one of those cases where I've found most off-the-shelf solutions to be not-quite-right. And having an effective model can be an order of magnitude impact in productivity and peace of mind. I've already borrowed a couple ideas from yours :)
Really excited to have launched this, I'd love to know what other Packs people would like to see and how they're using Packs Tables. Currently I'm using it for: - Keeping on top of the teams Pull Requests in Github - Syncing our team vacation calendar to know who's in and out - Pulling in Intercom conversations related to Packs to track the feedback and questions