Coda 2.0

A new doc for teams.

#2 Product of the DayOctober 24, 2019
Coda 2.0 introduces a new set of building blocks for team collaborationーlike workspaces, locking, and cross-docーand three paid plans for teams of all sizes.
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Excited to bring Coda 2.0 to Product Hunt! We launched Coda 1.0 on Product Hunt about a year ago, and have been blown away by the response. Since then, Coda makers have continually amazed us with their "docs as powerful as apps"—like this fresh take on 1-1s from Jenny Emick (a Design Lead at Square), to this Packs-enabled Prioritized Productivity Guide from Des Traynor (Intercom co-founder). We've seen docs spread through thousands of teams, each with their own patterns, and the community has brought us an endless stream of insightful ideas, constructive critiques, and "can I 🙏 get..." requests. We took everything we heard, brainstormed and ranked, and picked a clear theme for where we wanted to focus: Teams. Coda 2.0 is a simpler, cleaner, and faster doc for teams—with drag-and-drop templates, a new model for filters, and a visual refresh to give your team a more beautiful and efficient space to make. It comes with a new set of building blocks designed for team collaboration: like workspaces and folders, a space for teams to more easily share and organize their docs, locking and permissions to give you greater control and confidence over information in Coda, and (at last!), by popular demand, cross-docーa way to bring data from one doc into another. Finally, this release includes three paid plans, with a broad free tier, plans for teams of all sizes, and a new approach to pricing called Maker Billing. We like to say that if Coda 1.0 was for makers, Coda 2.0 is for the whole team. What will your team Coda? :)
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Coda has been improving super fast over the last few months, really outstanding work by the team. I use it for work, I use it for play, I am a bit obsessed with it. I can see Coda becoming a future default doc type, there's certainly no need for spreadsheets for me anymore. But it's more than that, Coda makes me feel empowered to solve problems. In the past I would google for an app that fits my needs, now I fire up a Coda doc and get solving! It's just fun to have so much easy power in your fingers. We are a small team of 6 and we use about a dozen specialised apps. Some mini, single-use affairs, some more complex like a product management monster with many features. We're ditching our CRM and moving to Coda soon. We're just scratching the surface, can't wait for more.
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@michaelrnw Thanks! Excited to hear your thoughts on 2.0 :)
This is fantastic! Congrats on 2.0! When I first discovered Coda during the PH Makers Fest earlier this year, I never thought I would become so excited about someone else’s product. Coda is brilliantly ingenious in how it approaches structured-data-driven docs. It's simpler than spreadsheets, yet it allows building really complicated connections and workflows. It's a no-code tool that can be used casually by anyone — but the versatility of its tables-columns-actions system pretty much transcends it into the software engineering realm. E.g., did you know that it was Turing complete? Check out the Snake game I built on Coda with just the basic tools it provides and no hacks — how crazy is that? 🤯 However, it’s not just maker shenanigans and personal use. As I was getting more involved with the community, I started seeing Coda being used as a staple of people's businesses. Small and large companies alike were running their back offices in Coda docs. In fact (and it’s a shameless plug 🙊) some started hiring me to help them with more complex calculations. That’s how I started freelancing as a Coda consultant, and this now pays my bills. So I’m twice as excited now to see Coda advancing into the teams and mid- and large businesses realm — сould also mean more work for me 😄 Lastly, there’s one thing I've been willing to do for a while now. I’m going to start Coda Tricks — a blog about Coda. I’ve been working for the clients, helping in the community, and building my own docs for quite a while now — and collected some expertise that I believe will help every Coda maker out there. The blog will focus on handy tricks and best practices for making Coda docs a joy to build and use. I’m currently writing my first articles for it — follow the link above and subscribe to the mailing list to be notified when it goes live later this week.
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@paul_danyliuk Your Coda creations are often the talk of the team here. Really excited to see your new blog as well!
@paul_danyliuk So cool that you are making a business building Coda docs!
Congrats on coda 2.0 :) I have been eagerly waiting for cross doc... I am ready to use it in calibrations/talent management for the entire team at every level..
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@peeyush_ranjan Hi Peeyush, Thanks for using Coda. Really excited for your scenario. It's a great use of Cross-doc. Keep the feedback coming! -Jaime
@peeyush_ranjan That's a great use case for cross-doc, would love to see how you end up using it. Btw, if you want a starting point, you might enjoy this template: Shishir's Practical Guide to Performance Calibration Meetings
@shishirmehrotra Thanks, I was wondering about that exactly, if there is a template.. will check it out..
Super pumped about this as I'm using Coda more than ever, keep up the great work!
@lukas_foisy Thanks! Send us feedback on 2.0!