CloudApp for iOS

Create and share screen recordings, and images from anywhere

CloudApp for iOS: create and share screen recordings, images, and files from anywhere. You can also create 'Favorites' and 'Collections' full of the content you most frequently need to access.
Check out the video to get the look and feel of the app.
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6 Reviews5.0/5
Scott from CloudApp here. Happy to answer any questions that anyone has about CloudApp for iOS. All of us at CloudApp are super excited about this new release. We see our mobile app as an extension of your workflow -- fast, easy to use, and instantly accessible. We want to be able to support our community wherever they are, just as quickly as our desktop apps. But this is only the beginning for mobile, and we're excited to hear your product feedback, and suggestions. Happy to answer any questions too.
@scotcha1 If its possible to have GIFs from mobile videos - it will be amazing!
@vladkorobov hey Vlad -- can you tell us a bit more about a GIF from mobile video. Do you mean a conversion for a video to a GIF?
@scotcha1 yes, be able to convert any video to GIF on a mobile
Simple but powerful product. I wish the video recording would be faster. I switched to CloudApp from Monosnap and very happy about it. I love public roadmap , not many companies are that open!
@vladkorobov thanks for being a part of the community Vlad !
So excited to have the iOS app out as a companion to the desktop apps. I love the ability to jump into collections to collaborate, find my favorites for quick access on the go, and being able to record my iPhone screen to create a quick how-to. Shoutout to our awesome product team for this one!!
@joedmarti will there be annotations inside the app? Tip: PH icon is not the best one, hard to tell what the product is about. Logo is better :)
@joedmarti @vladkorobov hey Vlad -- future versions, yes definitely.
this product is parfekt
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