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Funny, @abramdawson and I were just talking about this app. My current cmd+shift+4 --> imgur upload workflow is terrible. Installing this now. Here's the announcement of what's new: http://blog.getcloudapp.com/the-...
The new CloudApp is so good! It was far behind Droplr for a long time, but they've almost caught up with this. I'd really like to be able to click on the icon and choose "share file..." but other than that I love the new Mac app.
What I love is that you instantly get the link. By the time the other person opened it it's done uploading. Great speed improvement. I think it's a plus that they aren't moving too fast. That means I can trust that the service stays as awesome as it is already.
Good point, @Jonnotie - I really love how you have an option to get the link straight to the image, too. You don't have to share a preview page. Much better for sharing screenshots on Twitter :)
Nice find @dtrinh. Cloud is installed across my Mac laptops and critical for workflow. Excited to try the new version.