The smartest way to set up your subscription billing

The Subscription Management Platform that lets you Untangle Your Business from Spaghetti Billing!
Gear up for hyper growth by bringing elegant simplicity into enterprise-class subscription management. End-to-End Subscription Management
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Great way to streamline the whole onboarding process for both parties! Any plans to develop a plug-in for platforms like WordPress?
@lachlankirkwood I had the exact same question.. plugin to make life easier for no code people like me.
@_sethia Chargebee has already been posted to product hunt twice. is there anything new?
@_jacksmith When I posted, it only showed the ones from 5 years ago, and over 5 years Charge has undergone tons of transformation. Also it's a huge issue on ProductHunt when it doesn't show old submissions when we enter a product url (only if its recent it does warn). Ideally it should inform hunters that its already posted multiple times and you should only go ahead if things have changed.
Cool to see a new recurring payment solution that is compatible (beta) with Shopify. I'm not convinced by the design and experience of the checkout tho.