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Beamer is a changelog and notification center that lets you announce new features, product updates, special offers and more.
With this new Intercom app you can display your product updates in Intercom Messenger. Get more user engagement and reduce churn.
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Jeff Gardner
Jeff Gardner@erskingardner · Head of Platform Partnerships @ Intercom
Hey folks, Jeff from Intercom here. It's been great to work with @scoonut and team on this new app for the Intercom App Store. Changelogs are such a great way to keep your customers close to your product and now being able to display it on your Messenger homescreen makes it that much more likely that your customers will both find it and visit it regularly! Well done Beamer! :)
Spencer Coon
Spencer CoonMaker@scoonut · COO, Beamer, Hibox & Joincube
@erskingardner thanks Jeff :)
Mariano Rodriguez Colombelli
Mariano Rodriguez ColombelliMaker@mariano_rodriguez_colombelli · Beamer, Hibox & Joincube creator
Hi Product Hunt! Many of our users were asking for a way to announce their new features and latest product updates in Intercom - but in a less intrusive way than sending a message. That's why we built this new Intercom app. Hope you like it! Please let us know any feedback :)