Casper Sheets and Pillows

Sheets and pillows for everyone (by Casper)

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If anything like the mattress, these are going to be stellar...
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Thanks, Peter! It's been 18 months in the making. Excited to share them with you today!
Hello! Excited to be on Product Hunt today. We've spent 18 months crafting the perfect set of sheets and one perfect pillow. Given the well-documented fallacy of the importance of thread count, Casper focused instead on thread quality and weave techniques. The result is a sheet made with some of the longest cotton fibers in the world, grown on a farm in California. Extra-long staple Californian Supima cotton is four times stronger than the industry average, which is important in balancing softness and breathability with a weave and thread structure that maintains those benefits wash after wash. Each item in Casper’s sheet set has been thoughtfully designed to solve annoying bedding issues The new Casper pillow was designed to be perfect for all sleepers. During the research and development process, Casper engineers’ suspicions were confirmed: earmarking pillows for specific sleep positions is largely a marketing narrative because most sleepers move from position to position at night. The pillow’s buoyant core and plush outer layer combine to support any sleep situation. Our pillow doesn't flatten when compressed, it's breathable cover is both washable and enables heat and air to travel freely, keeping sleepers cool and comfortable.
@jefenate Europe needs this!
interesting insights on the 'thread count myth' via live chat on their site: → what is the thread count of the bedding please? "it is 200 the myth surrounding threadcount is that the higher, the better actually, our product team found that higher threadcounts are a result of manufacturers jamming a lot of fibers into each square inch, therefore decreasing breathability of the fabric, and also implying that the cotton (or other material) fibers they use are weaker so we found the perfect balance between quality and quantity."
Been shopping for sheets recently and can attest to having been duped by the thread count myth. Excited to give these a spin - purchased!
@clarkvalberg Please keep in touch! We'd love to know what you think!
I want all the things!!!