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The Dreamery

Casper opens a storefront for $25 naps
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What is The Dreamery?
In The Dreamery in NYC, you can reserve nooks for 45 minutes at a time, at a cost of $25 per session. These nooks are basically giant wooden “O”s with curtains and soundproofed backing, and of course they’re stocked with Casper beds.

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CBD Sleep Gummies by Casper
We're always dreaming up new ways to help you sleep better, because sometimes it takes more than a great mattress to get there. Enter new CBD Sleep Gummies, the latest step in our quest to bring sound sleep to everyone who needs it.
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The Dreamery: Book a nap session

At Casper, we want everyone to sleep better and live better. So we created The Dreamery, a magical place in NYC where you can rest and recharge whenever you want. Because when you snooze, you win. Book a nap session

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