CashNotify lets you keep a head up on all your Stripe transactions, without even thinking about it. Celebrate when you get paid. Catch failed payments.

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Bonjour Product Hunt! We started CashNotify out of frustration of missing critical events in our Stripe account. Our *own clients* had to warn us about failed payments :/ We were dreaming of the most simple app to keep a pulse on our small business. Always watching in our menu bar. And alerting us of successful payments (Yay, money!) and failed payments (Damn... let's contact them.). So we built CashNotify and posted it on BetaList in early 2017. We got a ton of feedbacks from our early users — digital entrepreneurs and freelancers alike. Turns out, most of them are running several products in parallel, and asked us to support multiple Stripe accounts. So we built it! --- We're excited to share this with you. But it's only a first step. More features are coming for visualizing and acting on events... Thanks to @marckohlbrugge and the whole community for making today feel special. Try the app and let us know what you think! 😻
I've been using the CashNotify beta for a while now. Great way to stay updated on what's happening in your Stripe accounts and get notified the moment you receive money (cha-ching!) or there's a problem (payment failed). The latter is especially nice as it lets you immediately follow up with the customer potentially saving the sale. (Which for most people would more than cover the price of the app).
@marckohlbrugge I remember what a crazy discussion you and @levelsio had when giving me feedbacks: Priceless 😹 Huge thanks for your support Marc!
@supacruz Haha that thread "24h" vs "today" was nice 😂
@supacruz @levelsio 🙌 (I think Pieter knew I was right all along. right levels?)
Really really amazing app. @supacruz asked me and many others feedback while using the beta of this and almost everything we told him, they implemented. It's built by listening to user feedback directly. I don't login to Stripe's dashboard at all anymore, as it's just in my top bar. Get this if you get lots of sales through Stripe. It's really worth the $$$ :)
@levelsio Huge thanks, Pieter. I take your feedbacks any days of the week, considering they're really on point. 👌
@levelsio Thank you Pieter, we know what's still missing for you and we'll build it soon 💪!
Bought this a few weeks ago and love it: especially the ability to get notifications from multiple projects all in one place.
Thank you @mijustin for your support! Glad to help you keep track of your many businesses :)
I generally have all my notifications turned off, especially for email, so it's really handy to have a channel open for getting payment notifications. And I like that this is a Mac app: no more Stripe notifications on my phone when I'm trying to enjoy time away from the digital world
Thank you Jamie! E-xac-tly :)