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Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
This was inevitable! I've even forgotten Slack doesn't have voice calls and then am surprised when I try to call and realise I can't. Skype/Google Hangout/the others are surely going to struggle to compete here I feel
Patrick Sullivan
@patsully88 · Head of Mobile Development at Shipt
Very excited about this. Especially the video chat that is coming soon!!! http://gif.co/vCPq.gif
Ed Shelley
@mr_ed · @ChartMogul, @ Berlin Startup Radio
👏 🏻Great (if somewhat inevitable) move from the Slack team! But it's not going to replace Skype for me (and many other people) until there's a seamless way to include external people in those calls...
Cory Shaw
@coryshaw · President, User Kind
Is this the roll out of the Screen Hero acquisition? I truly miss Screen Hero and cannot wait for it to be integrated into slack. It was hands down the best way to screen share and pair on code problems. https://screenhero.com/
Ludovic Bostral
@ludobos · Cofounder and CTO at Afrostream
Awesome :) we are using appear.in for conference, but this is far more practical. Waiting for video now.