Ridiculously simple user feedback widget

BugPlug is the quickest and most affordable way to conquer user feedback. Start listening to your users in 2 minutes with easy implementation. Pass your own custom variables and easily segment and manage submissions on an auto-generated Trello board.

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The product looks amazing and is the first of many useful tools that will come from this group. What I'm most impressed by is the team and journey behind the product. This is the first product to have streamed its entire development, live, on Twitch.
Hey PH — we're so excited to launch BugPlug to the community. We built it out of the desire to have simple, straight-forward, customizable user feedback without the headache of adopting a massive tool. BugPlug is the first of many products we're rolling out to validate our larger mission of creating software to augment human potential. Please let us know what you think!
AWESOME TOOL! I love the UX.
Thanks so much @mark_michuda!
What a terrific tool - adding it to my curations to share with attendees on my digital marketing programmes
@krishnade Thank you so much! I'd be really interested to hear more about your program. Just checked out your site!
@joshuaperk You are very welcome - thanks for the message - will reply shortly :)
Love the product name, haha. Can you elaborate a bit more on the "feedback is tagged and contained", is that the "Reported by Team" and "Reported by Community" columns I see in Trello?
@chadriddersen The "Reported by Community" column is the only one that we actually submit to. Reported by Team is for the team managing the product to use. We simply add a label that's green (improvement) or red (bug) to the Trello card, based on the user's action, so it can be prioritized better.