Brilliant - Smart Home Control

Control lights, climate, music and more from your wall


Brilliant simplifies your smart home experience, giving you touch and voice control over all your smart home devices. From lights, music, climate, security, and doorbells to whatever comes next, Brilliant replaces any existing light switch + connects everyone in the home with controls that are easy to access and use. $20 off: producthunt @check out

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João Oliveira Simões
Jeff Koo
Cristina Dunning
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  • João Oliveira Simões
    João Oliveira SimõesDesign Lead, 44 Studio

    Connects with all the smart home devices I own. Allows everyone to have access. Swapped 6 different apps on my phone for the companion app.


    ~15 min to swap the light switch.

    Allowing everyone that lives in my home to control it, is awesome. Before everyone had to borrow my iPhone to play a song, see who's ringing at the dor, opening another app to open the door... it was ridiculous, and not so smart. Now everyone has access to the capabilities of each room, since every room has a light switch. No cords or wiring across tables, etc. Everything is build in my walls now. Love it!

    João Oliveira Simões has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    A smart hub for the home that conveniently Replaces a standard light switch. Works with Sonos, Ring, smart lighting. completely awesome.


    will want to replace all your switches

    Integrated with Alexa and Google, you can use the touch screen or google voice.

    David Hornik has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Just works. The missing link to a truly connected home.


    Not much - install takes about 30 min but was kind of fun.

    I really like the touch controls. Will become more and more useful over time too as their list if integrations grow.

    Chris Moore has used this product for one month.