Brilliant - Smart Home Control

Control lights, climate, music and more from your wall

Brilliant simplifies your smart home experience, giving you touch and voice control over all your smart home devices. From lights, music, climate, security, and doorbells to whatever comes next, Brilliant replaces any existing light switch + connects everyone in the home with controls that are easy to access and use. $20 off: producthunt @check out

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Hey @scott_dunlap, @gaurav_hardikar and @michael_williams, Tell us more about what you've built here and how does it differ from other similar products out there?
Hi @jacqvon -- glad to be here. Let's start at the beginning. Unfortunately, the promise of the smart home has remained unfulfilled. Rather than living simpler lives, we control our homes through a maze of apps on our phones and clutter our tables and countertops with devices and cords. That didn't seem "smart" to us so we wanted to create a new technology that makes controlling your home a pleasure, not a chore. In comes Brilliant which is creating a new category of products which we call "smart home controllers." Brilliant replaces any existing light switch to give you touch and voice control over your smart home products. From lights, music, climate, security, and doorbells to whatever comes next we have you covered when it comes to smart home control. Brilliant combines many capabilities into a unified experience on a panel that fits seamlessly into your wall. Because it replaces a light switch, you instantly get smart lighting capabilities as well as all the other types of home control. Amazon Alexa is built in, so you can ask for weather, news, and more without the need for an Echo. There is also video intercom, babycam/nannycam, a mobile app for remote access, the ability to personalize the display with your photos and motion art, and new features being rolled out on a regular basis. Brilliant comes in four models, which replace a single switch, or a row of two, three, or four switches. If you can install a light switch, you can install your Brilliant in minutes. No custom wiring, modifications, or remote hubs required. You can find Brilliant in different 6 colors and finishes. All models include dimming, motion-based control, and compatibility with standard multiway lighting circuits. Additionally, for remote home control, we offer Android and iOS companion apps. We'll be here much of the day to answer any and all questions. :-) Bring it on PH Community.
Very cool!
Is it secure
@jonasalmut Yes, there are many security features built in. Full encryption, secure password processes, and even a physical slider that can cover the camera to give you peace of mind. Our founders come from a deep security background, so the Brilliant Controls were designed with security in mind from day one.