The Brilliant Control

Easy access to lighting and other smart home products

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Sergey Pirogov@perpetuous · CEO & Founder, wayme (
Nice design. Does it work? Any videos?
Scott DunlapMaker@scott_dunlap
@perpetuous Yes, Brilliant Controls are in pilot homes today. Video -
Xavier Castaneda@xcast3d · Developer of
Very cool. Going to preorder. Been looking for a way to control my smartthings hub with a touchscreen. The camera and voice is icing. I had seen the Wink Relay and even if you sideload the SmartThings APK, it's a very buggy process.
Scott DunlapMaker@scott_dunlap
@xcast3d Thanks for the pre-order! My favorite SmartThings integration we have done so far in our pilot program is with the Ring and a Schlage lock. When somebody rings your doorbell, you get notified on the screen, and can press one button to unlock the door.
@scott_dunlap that's great to hear as I've got both the Schlage lock and Smartthings hub in boxes pending install.
Richard Rabbat@richard_rabbat
Nice idea and great execution. Congrats Scott on such strong product sense.
Jen Carney@jennesaisquoi7 · Content Strategist
Wow. This looks amazing!
Scott DunlapMaker@scott_dunlap
@jennesaisquoi7 Thanks, Jen! Still looking for @BrilliantTech SF-area pilot test homes for with Sonos, Nest, SmartThings if you have those...
Looks good, pricing is affordable. I think the lack of HomeKit was a bit of a gafffe. I think the presented the product in a good way
Scott DunlapMaker@scott_dunlap
@hmurchison Thanks! We will have HomeKit support down the line, but to be honest, the hardware requirements from Apple made it a bit cost prohibitive for our first version. I'll chalk up one more vote for HomeKit - thanks for the feedback!