The Brilliant Control

Easy access to lighting and other smart home products

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Nice design. Does it work? Any videos?
@perpetuous Yes, Brilliant Controls are in pilot homes today. Video -
Very cool. Going to preorder. Been looking for a way to control my smartthings hub with a touchscreen. The camera and voice is icing. I had seen the Wink Relay and even if you sideload the SmartThings APK, it's a very buggy process.
@xcast3d Thanks for the pre-order! My favorite SmartThings integration we have done so far in our pilot program is with the Ring and a Schlage lock. When somebody rings your doorbell, you get notified on the screen, and can press one button to unlock the door.
@scott_dunlap that's great to hear as I've got both the Schlage lock and Smartthings hub in boxes pending install.
Nice idea and great execution. Congrats Scott on such strong product sense.
Wow. This looks amazing!
@jennesaisquoi7 Thanks, Jen! Still looking for @BrilliantTech SF-area pilot test homes for with Sonos, Nest, SmartThings if you have those...
Looks good, pricing is affordable. I think the lack of HomeKit was a bit of a gafffe. I think the presented the product in a good way
@hmurchison Thanks! We will have HomeKit support down the line, but to be honest, the hardware requirements from Apple made it a bit cost prohibitive for our first version. I'll chalk up one more vote for HomeKit - thanks for the feedback!