No-Code powered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on phone

Taking inspiration from cognitive behavioral therapy based apps like Quirk, Pacifica and CBT Diary, I have developed a no-code powered CBT app which can record and analyze your thoughts, and help you cope with several mental disorders, including depression.
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SentiMeter sounds good :)


This app will be really useful for me!


Graphs: I'd like to compare stats not by hours, but by days. Can't understand exactly how to interpret Cognitive Bias Graph.

Also it's a little hard for me to understand step 2. I'm afraid I'm going to have trouble figuring out which card to use in each case.
Yes, even I wasn't sure how to display the mood and sentiment analysis graph. Currently it is across time, but I think grouping by hour would be better. Working on it! As for step 2, in desktop mode, after clicking the card, you need to click on the relatable button to get the table updated.