Blogilates #100AbChallenge Doc

Challenge yourself and your friends to a 30 day ab workout

This is the biggest challenge we’ve EVER done. It's 100 reps of ab exercise every day, for 30 days! And it comes with this companion doc that let's you customize your schedule and do it with your friends! And don't forget to take it with you ー just swipe on mobile to mark your workouts complete!

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@evan_pryce thanks for posting this! I’m so excited to share my #100AbChallenge companion app with you guys. This challenge started as a personal commitment to completing 100 reps of a unique ab exercise EVERY DAY. And an opportunity to take on another challenge at the same time: releasing a new video daily throughout January (something I've never done). It was a huge personal achievement, and I couldn't be prouder of what our followers were able to accomplish. Initially when we worked with Coda to design this tool, we wondered how we could get people more engaged with the workouts in a way that felt collaborative and personal at the same time. Everyone will tell you that the best way to stay motivated is to track your progress and get your friends involved, and the doc concept makes so much sense for it. I've even launched a few spreadsheets back in the day for meal tracking, it helps to have a familiar tool to get people going. That said we got VERY excited after we first experienced Coda. Pulling the YouTube videos, Instagram profiles of our video guests, and a way to create a collaborative schedule all in one space that works perfectly on the phone. It will definitely get the competitive spirit going. So you guys can work out the way that works for you ;) Get started and get crunching!
@evan_pryce @cassey_ho This is such a great doc - so exciting to see! A really great example of 'a doc as powerful as an app' and I'm excited to run a #100AbChallenge at Coda! [Btw, as context for others, I'm one of the Coda founders - we launched Coda 1.0 yesterday]
Hey Product Hunt ー I'm super excited to launch this workout tracker with @cassey_ho from Blogilates! For those unfamiliar, Cassey runs a hugely successful YouTube Pilates class, clothing line, and fitness brand. Many of us at Coda have been fans of hers for quite some time, so when the opportunity came to help her launch her newest workout tool to her followers, we were ecstatic. The challenge was simple ー how do we encourage collaboration around digital fitness routines? Cassey releases videos on a super high frequency, with the latest being a DAILY video series in January called the 100 Ab Challenge. Every day I followed it, I personally found myself wanting to get more of my friends involved (a bit selfishly so they could suffer with me; but also out of curiosity to see how many would make it all the way through). And that's where the inspiration for this doc came from ー could we create a simple model for friends, family, or office to join together in these workouts, and hold each other accountable through the process. And could we make it feel like an app without the expense of a development team. Let us know what you think, and how we can improve. And for those of you who want to tinker, feel free to include other workouts as well ー the doc is yours to customize! Cheers, Evan

I really do love it and CODA! Fantastic work!


Simple to use and a great way to track my progress!


A few small bugs

Love this product! So easy to use and track progress! Couple small things..."Today's Date" doesn't update to my current time zone. Also, on the Today's Workout tab, the entire calendar displays at the bottom under My Workout Log but in reverse chronological order from Day 30 down to Day 1 and I have to scroll down to see it in proper order. Otherwise this is great!

With Coda you can exercise your brain, good for personal wellbeing


Attractive user interface and a copy can be edited in case the user has the need of.


Not know so far.