Free Email editor to build responsive design messages

#3 Product of the DayOctober 18, 2014
Mitchell Cuevas
Davide Faudella
derek fogge
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  • Mitchell Cuevas
    Mitchell CuevasProduct @Techstars

    Great templates to start from, flexible, intuitive


    Says there's a connection with SendGrid, but only MailChimp and Gmail are there. The exported HTML can set off translation response in gmail

    Love this editor, if you want to make something that just looks a bit more premium than what you can generally do in MailChimp (or just don't want your emails to look like everyone else's), BeeFree can help with that.

    Really happy with the product, price, and features!

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Kevin William David
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kevin · Community @AngelList. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
BeeFree makes it easy to create an email message that can be used to send a company newsletter, announce a new product, promote a sale, etc. It's free to use, has a drag-and-drop interface that enables anyone to create a nice-looking email message.It creates email messages that adapt automatically to small screens, such as that of a smartphone.Once the message has been created, you can be preview, test, and download it (so that you can send it with your favorite email program).
Massimo Arrigoni
Massimo ArrigoniMakerPro@massimo_arrigoni · CEO at BEE, part of the MailUp Group
We just launched a new version of, which is now also an embeddable plugin (BETA). Let us know what you think!
Alex Wolkov ☭
Alex Wolkov ☭@altryne · UX, Front End
Really good email templating! I'm impressed. As having to build emails, I know the pain it means, checking in multiple email clients, it's like building for the web back in the glorious ie6 days. This really makes building quicker and simpler. Great job!
Massimo Arrigoni
Massimo ArrigoniMakerPro@massimo_arrigoni · CEO at BEE, part of the MailUp Group
@altryne thank you! This has been such a fun project at MailUp. And we're just getting started!! Post suggestions on the forum at when you have time. Thanks again!
Jason Dainter
Jason Dainter@jasondainter · International doer of things
This is super,thanks! I was looking for something like this that lets you create basic responsive without messing around with HTML/testing. Nice UI also.
Ulises Arvizu Gonzalez
Ulises Arvizu Gonzalez@ulizes · UX and UI designer,
intuitive tool, I can export htlm for our favorite mailing service ! thanks