Baremetrics Benchmarks

Benchmark your SaaS metrics with other startups


Baremetrics Benchmarks lets you compare your SaaS metrics with other startups in the industry. Knowing how you stack up to other companies similar to you helps you set high level goals and know where you need to improve.

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James Gill
CEO, GoSquared

Many benchmark reports are useless because their sample size is too small. The Baremetrics benchmarks seem to be perfectly executed to be useful and insightful for most small-medium SaaS businesses. Top notch work, Baremetrics team!


It genuinely works! Super simple UI, and just the right number of metrics to compare.


As with all benchmarking – the more data the better, so it'd be great to see an even wider range of companies, and ever-increasing accuracy.

Laura Roeder
Founder, MeetEdgar & Ropig

Will be checking this regularly


Super useful for goal setting and seeing where we're ahead and where we're behind


Most of the data collected is from very small companies (under 1000 active customers)

Josh Pigford
Founder of Baremetrics, maker of beards.
Thanks Laura! One point of clarification, the data is from companies of all sorts of sizes (up to millions of customers and $10's of millions in revenue). The overall data set is just limited to about 1000 companies.
Ben Fisher
designer + hacker. #NYC #SF

Been a Baremetrics customer for over a year. Fantastic product. Benchmark seems super useful.


So far, it's absolutely awesome.


Nothing yet!

Matt Pliszka
Consultant at

One of the more complex and user-friendly solutions for tracking the finance of your SaaS, now enabling benchmarking, awesome!


easy to use and install, great way to compare with others, flexible pricing


looking forward for the data to become more and more accurate

Francis Byrne
Software Engineer, Lookback

This is something that has been sorely missing in our industry. There's this constant feeling like you're living in a vacuum, like, "Are we doing well? Where should we be improving? Are we too expensive? Too cheap?"

This is a really solid step in the right direction of democratizing industry metrics. I love it!


So awesome! It gives us reassurance about how we're doing, and hints on where to focus on, revenue-wise.


I just want more companies in there for comparison!