Baremetrics Cancellation Insights

Cancellation feedback w/ revenue reports & automated emails

Cancellation Insights helps you learn why customers cancel and how much you're losing to those reasons. We then send automated emails to learn more and even help bring them back!

• Start collecting reasons in minutes

• Understand what reasons are costliest

• Automate follow up

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  • Val Geisler
    Val Geisleremail marketer, CX fixer

    You can know why your customers churn. Actually know. And follow up on that. Not just sit on it.


    Zero cons to knowing why your customers are churning. None.

    Data is meaningless without action. This is action. The old way (circa October 8th, 2018) was to ask a question at the moment a customer cancels, hope they fill in the box with something meaningful, *maybe* tag that customer in your CS tool, and then let those responses sit in someone's inbox or get zapped into a spreadsheet for.... never. Now you can automate *specific followup sequences* based on their replies that can help win them back!

    Churned customers are the most valuable customer that everyone forgets about. If they were your customer once, they already know the product. If a missing feature was why they left, you can win them back when you build that feature. And if they easily churned away from you once, you can get them to churn away from your competitors by treating them like HUMANS. Cancellation Insights is as close to human as it gets and it's going to be an invaluable tool in my customer research tool chest.

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Hey folks! Thanks for checking out Baremetrics Cancellation Insights! The idea for this product actually came out of something we've been doing for years, which is collecting cancellation reasons and then putting them all in a spreadsheet so we could crunch the data. But that's a hacked together system and what we found was nearly every other SaaS company has also been hacking things together. So, we decided to just solve the dang problem. With Cancellation Insights we give you a small snippet of javascript which you embed and pass along the button you currently have on your site that your customers use to cancel. We then show a form automatically during the cancellation process where the customer can tell you why they're cancelling. From there, we can then help you understand and answer all sorts of questions like are your lowest paying customers actually costing you much? Are your infrastructure efforts reducing churn? Which competitors are costing you the most money? Then, as a cherry on top, we provide automated, customizable emails so you can continue the conversation, get even deeper insights and even work to win them back! In addition, these reasons get saved automatically to each customer's profile in Baremetrics so you can Segment your data by cancellation reasons! Thanks again for checking this out! If you have any questions at all, we're here to help! Check it out:
Why users churn is one of the biggest question in SaaS business. Great idea!
@andreyazimov Thanks Andrey! 🙌
Congrats on the launch, this looks great!
@de Thanks so much, Dan!
BCI (new coin?) looks great! Congrats!
@akebrattberg Haha, definitely no coins. 😛 Thanks Åke!
Josh knows wtf he's doing check out his rev growth: What I always admired about him is how much he checks in with customers to understand what's going on with them.
@andrewwarner Thanks Andrew! 🤗