Baremetrics Benchmarks

Benchmark your SaaS metrics with other startups

Baremetrics Benchmarks lets you compare your SaaS metrics with other startups in the industry. Knowing how you stack up to other companies similar to you helps you set high level goals and know where you need to improve.

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Nice addition, @shpigford. We use Baremetrics to report and monitor Ship customers. Super useful.
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@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! 🤗
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“Are my metrics normal?” “How am I doing compared to other SaaS companies?” “Is our churn high for our price point?” There are an endless number of questions businesses have that ultimately boil down to, “is this par for the course?” With Baremetrics Benchmarks, we’ve anonymized, aggregated and averaged data across nearly 1,000 small and medium sized SaaS companies to give you insights in to just how you’re doing compared to similar companies! Curious how Baremetrics is doing? Check out our own Benchmarks: Curious how your startup is doing? Get started:
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Wow, this is interesting. Baremetrics is great, everything you guys do is executed so well.
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@highaced Thanks so much Jordan! Very kind of you. 🙌
@highaced I'll second that!
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As an indie dev with little business experience, I honestly had no clue if my churn rates and others were on par or not haha, this was really interesting to see. The app itself seems faster lately too, awesome work!
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@tjholowaychuk Great to hear, TJ! And glad the feature is useful. :)
Great Feature! @shpigford We use @Baremetrics for @apiantinc and love it!
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@baremetrics @apiantinc @fredlumiere Thanks so much, Frederic! 🙌