B2B-Sales handbook for entrepreneurs

15 insider stories on the success of high-growth sales teams

You are about to embark on a journey that is going to help you to book, sell, and retain like never before.
A book that will indeed help you on your journey of becoming a full-stack sales leader.
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Thank you for taking the time to read this book. If you focus on one story only and integrate the lessons learned in your own life and profession, it will make a profound difference. This book reveals: – What has changed in our B2B industry/profession, how to cope with the change, and what skills should one acquire to thrive? – What should you change/improve to book, close, and retain more than ever? – What resources are valuable to keep on your road to success? Let’s connect! Please, message me at shawn@autoklose.com and let’s have a chat about this book (or pretty much anything related to sales, growth, sports, puppies...) :) P.S. If you know someone who should read this, tag them in comments. Hope you’ll have a great time reading. Shawn Finder CEO, https://autoklose.com
@autoklose @shawnfinder lots of valuable stuff!

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It is an amazing resource for sales strategies and ideas from some of the most successful people in the tech space.


I only wish there were more content. Keep these books coming!

Great job. Can't wait to read it.
@mexes_mexikanac thanks Milos! Have fun reading it :)