Artboard Studio

Online graphic design app mainly focused on product mockups.


Artboard Studio is the first online graphic design application mainly focused on product mockups. Effortlessly create your product presentation images and social media promotional banners right from your browser. No downloads required, no Photoshop needed.

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  • Ezgi Platin
    Ezgi PlatinFreelance Handletterer // Ideawriter

    Designing a killer label / magazine cover is one thing, but presenting it in the best way possible brings it to a whole new level.


    I haven't encountered anything negative yet.

    It hasn't launched yet but from what I've seen on the demo, it's going to be awesome. I have purchased several packs from these creators and they always deliver high-quality goods.

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  • Maya
    MayaUX Designer, world traveler

    Game changer for quickly and easily creating mock up and presentations


    Might not launch any time soon?

    I've spent tons of time creating mock ups in photoshop and trying several Sketch plug-ins. If this works as advertised, it will save time and create MUCH better results.

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  • Abhiroop Cvk
    Abhiroop Co-Founder

    Delivers what is promised. Extensive.


    A little bit slow

    Really useful for someone working in design! Very flexible program. A little bit slow for now in loading images and pages, but perhaps that's just because this is still the pre-launch early invite phase.

    Super excited for more templates to be added!!

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  • Sarika L
    Sarika LSeasoned Technology Product Head

    looks promising from mockup point of view


    will review further when gets handson-launch date unknown

    looks promising from mockup point of view..

    will review further when gets handson - launch date unknown

    Iappied t their on site invite, but no email nothing received yet

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  • Anna Filou
    Anna FilouTech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator

    Browser based. Easy to use. Consistent mockups. New mockups added every day. Lots of well designed templates.


    Mockup choices kinda limited on edibles, stationary and plants, lacks more specialised items.

    I love love love Artboard Studio, in all honesty solves a very big problem and speeds up the process of creating mockups tremendously. A huge positive is that there is nothing to download, it's all the browser. The team continuously adds new mockups, all of the are consistent and high quality.

    My issue (which is understandable since they just launched a short while ago) is the current (August 2018) lack of variety when it comes to item categories. There's a ton of coffee cups and plants, but no rings or other jewelry for example. Can't wait for them to add more. Love it so far, keep it up!

    Anna Filou has used this product for one month.
  • Dirkjan Brummelman
    Dirkjan BrummelmanFounder AirSolid Visual design

    it's drop dead simple to use, professional quality mockups, fast growing collection.


    Need more BIG stuff like billboards, busses etc.

    I have been using this tool some weeks now, and have been very happy with it. it allows me to show my work without the hassle of photography (hiring a photographer or messing around myself).

    It's is very very easy to use, without any introduction you can just go ahead and roll with it. It just works.

    There is some downside off course. Using Artboard too much for portfolio display will leave the impression that everything you're showing is just a concept, not real. it's all too polished.

    This could be solved i.e. by also providing a wrinkled background for posters, more in-life situations of mobile use (not posed, partly blurry or gritty even). Real life is imperfect. Maybe a co-op with Unsplash would provide such images?

    We are all faking it until we are making it. That's how we're trained to see right through these things. We just have to fake even better!

    Dirkjan Brummelman has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Super easy to use


    Sometimes it gets and error to log in

    The website is A M A Z I N G, the platform is super friendly. Sometimes it gets somes troubleshouting but besides that I love it and I think is super helpful

    Catherine Tinaure has used this product for one week.
  • Drew Minock
    Drew MinockDrew Minock

    Looks like a great tool


    I cant access the website

    The page looks to be down? I'm getting a HTTPS error. Anyone else having the same issue?

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  • Mehmet Ulga
    Mehmet UlgaDigital Evangelist





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  • Laura O'Connor
    Laura O'ConnorVisual Communicator

    Looks like it will save me so much time! Amazing.


    None that I can see.

    Can’t wait to try it out!

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  • LadyRain DG
    LadyRain DGRegistered Nurse

    Can't wait to use it. Feels like I'll be designing like a pro.


    Nothing to mention just really awesome

    Please update me.

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  • Pros: 

    Looks like a terrific tool to create professional looking mock ups quickly


    Have no idea what it may cost

    Any idea regarding launch date?

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  • Fernando G. R. Divac
    Fernando G. R. Divac



    Ser online.

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  • Annie Fantilanan
    Annie FantilananWeb Designer

    This tool will be really useful and will help designers to save time. Have a really great quality of outputs and very professional.


    Please launch this ASAP.

    Amazing & Interesting.

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  • Johnny Smith
    Johnny SmithEntrepreneur

    Amazing app. Extensive library with thousands of mockup items and tons of ready to go beautiful templates ... WOW!


    None that I know of. Just got in today! :-)

    A very useful product that fits into every designers toolbox.

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  • Samantha (Sam) Firestone
    Samantha (Sam) FirestoneDirector, Stockify

    GAME. CHANGER. No more huge downloading of mockups that don't match!


    None that I can find.

    Love this application. For someone who uses mock up for client presentations daily, It's a game changer and will save me HOURS...

    Samantha (Sam) Firestone has used this product for one month.
  • Michael Dantzie
    Michael DantzieDanzy Design & Marketing

    Quick, clean user friendly UI, professional


    Don't know of any yet

    Hurry up and release the product

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