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There are several beautifully designed Apple Watch docks, including HEDock, Composure Dock, and OVA.
Looks similar to Pod by Nomad (http://www.hellonomad.com/produc...) but Pod also includes a battery so it'll keep you going for weekend trips, etc. Amazingly, it's about $20 cheaper, too. Pod doesn't flip up to allow side resting, though.
@joshuapinter It does flip up to allow side resting. See pictures.
@eric3000 I was saying that the Pod by Nomad doesn't flip up to allow for side resting. The Apple one does.
@joshuapinter That's really cool, darn I wish the Apple one had a battery built in. That would make the steep price a lot more worth it because I do tend to forget to bring my Apple Watch charger with me when I'm traveling (so it's also great that this thing is lightning for keeping in a bag). I like the look of Apple's dock and the way it holds the watch upright to accommodate alarm clock mode, but $80 is a bit silly for a stand. Definitely chasing the luxury crowd with this one.
Interesting that they included that little ridge around the edge as opposed to making it just a big donut. Though perhaps this enhances the impression that the disk is floating on your desk
This one is nice, for sure. But it only charges. This one is a bit different in that it charges, hides the cable clutter and has ports for a couple other devices. Plus a nightlight too. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product...