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This launch is particularly interesting because this isn't typical for Apple, a fairly secretive and top down company (when it comes to external communications). Timing makes a lot of sense with their upcoming launch of ARkit, Apple Home, and the inevitable "Siri 2.0", among other things. Those interested in Machine Learning may also like this newsletter.
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@rrhoover Thanks for the shout out. :)
@rrhoover my take is that this is part of recruitment branding. they need to show their prowess and potential to support massive outbound solicitation of candidates in the field (increase awareness before the outreach). the alternative is what they usually do: absolute secrecy. it's a move in the right direction for them, since they're battling it out with everybody for this talent.
@rrhoover ML-wise, the problem is that the same comment (i.e. unusual move from secretive Apple) was made when the firm published its first research paper last December... and the first journal article published yesterday is just a modified version of that paper. So it's effective communication for sure, but I'm not bullish on their strength in ML (relatively to other tech giants, of course).
In 2017... Company: Lets start a Medium blog Apple: We are now the Wall Street Journal p.s. follow to blog.producthunt.com and blog.angel.co on Medium 😽
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@nivo0o0 and let's create our blog in a way, a common RSS feed reader (in my case Feedly) cannot recognize it...
@nivo0o0 @casaout was going to suggest you subscribe at https://machinelearning.apple.co... but that is the weirdest ATOM feed I've ever seen.
@casaout Strange in feedly - I added machinelearning.apple.com to the internal search and it came up directly. Adddd to a collection.
No page title We're Apple, we don't do page titles in our blog!
I was going to subscribe to get emailed each post, but it doesn't appear they offer that function.
@coreywstone No email signup, no twitter profile to follow, no RSS feed, no existing-blogging-platform-update (e.g. Medium). It's pretty amazing all the hoops one has to go through to avoid sharing updates in 2017. I guess that's Apple, so they are still learning what "sharing" means :D
@coreywstone @kevin_ferret My guess they're going to make us go through extraordinary hoops like subscribing to it from News app
For getting notifications about the new posts via RSS, here's the link: feed:https://machinelearning.apple.co...