Amazing Marvin

Customizable task manager and day planner

Amazing Marvin is a customizable task manager that is designed using behavioral psychology to help you get more done while feeling less stressed. Marvin separates where you store (Master List) and work off (daily todo list) your tasks and has tons of built-in tools to help you work better.

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Hey Product Hunters, I know, I know… another task app. It seems like we get one of those every day around here. But Amazing Marvin has a really unique approach to productivity and fills a hole in the todo list space. I originally created Marvin for myself. I was running an ecommerce business with my sister and I felt incredibly overwhelmed by the amount and complexity of work. And as a chronic procrastinator, no matter how many lists I wrote, I just wasn’t getting those tasks done. The vision for Marvin is to create an all-in-one productivity tool that allows people to find a productivity system that works for their unique brain and life. Marvin has a unique core concept that marries the traditional todo list with a daily scheduling approach. And there are tons of customizable features that are designed to help with specific productivity challenges (e.g. What do I do first? When should I do what? I feel too overwhelmed to get started! etc.) We have a lot planned for Marvin. Our roadmap is public and growing. We also add new features nearly every week. Here are some things coming up: - Calendar integration - Habit tracking - Gamification - Built-in accountability - Goal Mapping If you have any questions about Marvin, fire away. I love talking about this stuff. :) Christina EDIT: Marvin is available as a web app, desktop apps (Mac, Windows and Linux) and there are reduced feature Mobile apps for android and iOS!
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@christinawyvern First comment I've ever made on here - just wanted to say that I absolutely love this app - it is genuinely different from any of the other task apps out there and ticks a lot of the boxes that I have been looking for for some time (was thinking about self building at one point). I'm not 100% sure it will work for me yet but testing it out, and more importantly - thats not important, as it will definitely work for many. If I test and it works for my personal needs I'll be signing up for the lifetime plan. One observation and two questions: - The pricing is probably on the high side compared to others. Not a barrier for me as I will pay the extra for a product that works, but just a thought. - The Calendar time blocking (brilliant concept by the way, I have been doing exactly this manually) doesnt reflect when you come to do a daily or weekly plan (i.e. its not shown in there) - it would be great if it could be in some way so that you can plan your day or week in line with your goals around use of time more seamlessly? - Is there a bulk upload ability, in order to move quickly from my existing task app? All in all - really really impressed, its no mean feat to bring something new to the task app space.
@scott_clennell Hey Scott! Thanks so much for your comment! Honored I got your first one (well, Marvin did). Super happy to hear you think Marvin is different, in a good way! :) Definitely reach out after you have tried it some and share what is working and what isn't. We have a lot more things planned that will make the workflows even more flexible. It's always good for us to hear that kind of feedback so we can make Marvin better. I really hope we can find a workflow that is great for you! :) I don't give up on people! haha - You are right, compared to other list apps Marvin is more expensive. Compared to time trackers and more complex project management tools, it is a great steal. :) Whether it is worth it depends on how much value you get out of it and we always say if another list apps works great for you, no reason to switch. - There is a strategy called "Time Block Sections" That will section your daily todo list according to the time blocks in the calendar. You can then slot tasks into the sections. That is what you are looking for, right? BTW, there is a big update coming up for the time blocks along with the Calendar feature. We basically want to make the time blocks even smarter. So any requests and input on that is super welcome as we are working on that soon. - Unfortunately, there is no bulk import yet. Very sorry! It's on our roadmap for the next few months though.
I have been a Todoist premium user for years now and I use it for just about every part of my life. For reference, I have a "Grand Master" karma rating in the app (basically I use it a lot lol). All of this to say that it would take a lot for me to switch from my tried and proven productivity flow. On top of this, Amazing Marvin is still early in its development so no native mac app (yet). Despite all of this, I am ridiculously impressed with all of the features that are packed into Amazing Marvin! I have been looking for an all in one productivity app that would not only capture and organize my todo's, but one that would help me to get all of those todo's done. I am already in the process of transitioning over all of my todo's from Todoist to Amazing Marvin, and so far everything is going well. I am very excited to see how the development of Amazing Marvin goes. I will likely be subscribing to the annual plan if everything continues to go well 😊
Now on the annual plan, so safe to say I love it!

Just signed up today after seeing here on Product Hunt and I'm already really happy with it. Went ahead and got a year subscription.

I've tried hard to find just the right task manager but none of them seem to fit what I need. With as much customization is available in Marvin, I think this might finally be the one.

Gotta get some work done today, but I'm looking forward to really digging in when I have the time.


Hugely customizable, lots of options in their "Strategies" section, integrated pomodoro timer, great Best Practices documentation, nice UI.


None that I have noticed yet.

Thanks so much for taking the time to review Marvin and for signing up before your trial even ended! Truly grateful for the support. We won't let you down! ;)

Only just started a trial but so far, so very good. Smooth signup process, the training process (by using tasks already created) was smart. Genuinly excited to try the strategies and the timers are so handy. Good work people :)


Great sign up process, nice features lice timers and strategies, good value pricing and deals


None so far for me

Thanks for taking the time to review AM, Ian! Have fun exploring the strategies! ;)
This is rad! :100: Are there plans to launch an offline version? :)
@swapagarwal So glad you like Marvin! :) Marvin already works offline (except time tracking). If you load the page and go offline you can still use it until you reload. Desktop apps are in beta and you can get them if you email us. They will be officially released this year.