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Easily turn search query to notification, Google alert for any website ๐ŸŒŸ

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Hey PH ๐Ÿ–๏ธ, Thanks for interested in my product. Quick note: This product is not an alternative for google alert, mention, brand24 etc. It works well on Jailed web. If you select (frequently) tools -> Anytime -> past 24 hours at Google search result. or query with selection of "sort by date/recent" options on any website. This tool is for you. Convert any query ๐Ÿ”of any website into monitoring agent. ๐Ÿ’Œ Some business use cases . . . - A citizen who wants to get notifications from any Government website (e.g for her/his query). - A Real estate agent, she wants to get new offerings from online listings. - A Business owner. he wants to get updates on any offerings from bulletin boards. - A tech enthusiast. he Wants to stay informed on any news aggregating sites for his interested topics. - A small business owner who wants to monitor his competitive price information. - A lawyer, she wants to get information on case hearing on his interested keywords. - A Journalist. she wants to know what are the important news happening around politicians, celebrities from various web sources (local or international). - I am using it for Patent watching, new research papers from scholar websites on various topics (30+ key words), recent open source projects in google scholar etc. Any suggestions, comments, or any special use cases for this product are most welcome. Thanks for spending your time. ๐Ÿ™
This is a great idea, only I'm wondering if there are already too many alternatives for this. (google change detection for websites) comes to mind. There's a bunch here too:
@anossovs1 Thank you for your input. :) Having innovative or unique product is sometimes not good ! People always try to compare with similar products. I think, we are only one in the market. this is not good :) I will try to explain in a better way. There are two kinds of web 1) Visible web - This is visible to crawlers (Google index) 2) Deep web - This is invisible to crawlers. (Google, Bing are can't index the web content, because the data is secured by search forms) Deep web is 500 times bigger and has high quality content. Neither one can search, nor can see these data, until you issue a query. More over, Deep web always has entities (Products, people, articles, open source projects, home, car, etc). To search these data, You always has to use the website's search form along with search parameters. This is where Alertfor helps, it turns your native search queries into alert (Sends email when new entities found) for your query). Example query: I want to search open source project in github, with the keywords "parser" and sort by a language "python", and sort by "Recently updated" If do run at Github, I got the following query URL. New results may come every day or hour. Just copy past this query into query field, with your email at The tool sends you new open source for your advanced query from Github website. Hope that I have made it clear, Let me know if you have any queries ! Thank you Saravanan
Does this make use of operators? Ex. โ€œContent marketingโ€
@aafable it is a two sided platform, namely, 1) Web site owners 2) user who interested in keywords - Users can subscribe to keywords (even advanced queries and native queries) on any website or the web - Web site owners could deliver new data for keywords. For your question, There is no mediators. If the above is not answering your question, Please explain briefly. Thank you for your question. - Saravanan

A wiser tool for this modern era of searcher and for a simple everyday internet user as well. A great bonus is its easy to use, understand and recommend. I would definitely recommend this to community


Automates my search to a greater extent . great tool that i waited for like one for a long time


Nothing really for now