Airtable API

Create a RESTful API complete with beautiful docs in 30s

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Howie Liu
Cofounder, CEO @ Airtable
Hi! I'm one of the creators of Airtable, and we're very honored to be on ProductHunt today. In a world increasingly filled with highly specific, push-button applications, Airtable is designed to give people a flexible medium to build their own tools -- a lego kit of sorts. We started with a graphical spreadsheet interface that allows anyone to create a database to organize anything from wedding planning to job applicants. What's interesting about our newly launched API is that it's not so much an API for Airtable itself, but rather a way for you to create a custom, well-documented API for each of your own Airtable apps. I.e. when you create a database in Airtable (a CRM for, instance), it comes with its own API whose documentation and route structure is specific to your user-defined database structure and data. Since Airtable is fully realtime (and it's the first to do so for a relational database model, unlike Google Docs or Sheets), one cool thing you can try out is to build a simple API integration to create or modify records while you have the Airtable GUI open, and you'll see the changes appear live on the page.
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Syed Ahmed
Co-founder, CTO
Great job guys, we love airtable and looking forward to using the new API
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Paul Parsons
Bot builder.
Great product guys.
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