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@dshan dupe -- no idea what the policy on that is. More like Microsoft Access than a spreadsheet. @cambel "so many solutions" is exactly the point. For example, where do you keep the list of employees + key fobs that's not just a dumb Word doc. My comment on Twitter was that I'm still looking for a DabbleDB replacement.
@bmann @dshan DabbleDB was fucking dope, but still not a general consumer and barely prosumer. I love what they are doing, but it needs to be accessible & easy to win.
@cambel my gut says that like @turoczy below, there are actually now tons of people ready for this. We surfed this same wave (but were too early) with hosted Drupal at Bryght, which was a web app / community construction kit. With a full mobile first interface, I think there are enough "prosumer" I've-always-wanted-something-that-does-X that the market is there. Or rather, law of large numbers -- there are enough mobile users that percentage wise the builder types end up being a large enough number. Which, I guess, is the bet for the whole company :) cc @howietl
@bmann Hope you are right. It looks cool.
@bmann @cambel @turoczy Thanks for the thoughts! We strongly believe that the relational database belongs in every knowledge worker's toolkit, and that it can be as intuitive and flexible as a spreadsheet (even more so, in fact). With truly innovative product design and engineering, the end user database can become a ubiquitous paradigm that anyone can use make structured lists (a use case for which spreadsheets are overused, and are often a poor fit).
Very cool. I get worried when I see so MANY solutions in one product. I'll be interested to see which ones they nail. And yes, it is purty.
Patiently sitting on the waiting list. I've been looking for something exactly like this.
A mobile-first spreadsheet tool, with templates like Investor Portfolio Companies, Personal CRM, and Event Budgeting. Very pretty, private invites - lets get the team in here and get some early access! It's purty too: /credit @bmann