A.I. Experiments by Google

Explore machine learning by playing w/ pics, music, and more

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Tony Brix
Quick, Draw is wildly addicting
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Similar to Chrome Experiments. Smart way for Google showcase people's ideas and position itself on the forefront of tech. The cow-powered Infinite Drum Machine is kind of ridiculous.
Ernest Oppetit
@ernopp · PM @ Improbable
QuickDraw: finally a more objective Pictionary ;) (you play against a neural net)
Binoy Xavier Joy
@binoyxj · Technology Evangelist
It' so cool to see technology💡 slip out from behind our screens 🖥 and spread like a thin layer across the world 🌍 . AI and ML are about to take over the world. Interesting times! 🔥
Tony Brix
@google has created an easy way to play around with A.I. and learn what it can be used for.
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