Create and share a website under 1 megabyte with the world

1mbsite is a free platform for creating websites. Website code can’t exceed 1 megabyte in size, but don’t let that fool you: you can build whatever your heart desires.

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So many congrats for the launch! This product has a lot of potential to be big - as a great prototyping tool and static hosting API for developers. Great work Dalton! ✨🥞
@ftxrc thanks so much! 😁 accidentally sent my initial reply as a message 😂😂
It’s so exciting to know that 1MB is about to be featured. That honestly means so much to me 😄 I’ve been working on this project for a little less than a month and thought I’d share it with you all.
custom domains supported or only ending with .1mb.site? :)
@anna_0x custom domain support is planned in the future 😄
@daltonedwards ok i see! Let us know please once it's out!
@anna_0x just checking back in to let you know custom domain support was added.
@daltonedwards thanks for letting us know!
Would love to see an example before giving out my info
This is really interesting! I like the focus on getting things live and hosted. I also appreciate the emphasis on the size, for those of us aiming to cater some of our content to those who may have restrictive internet connectivity. If I was interested in doing more editing on my machine and deploying (although I love the browser editing functionality), I'm guessing the repo for the CLI is here: https://github.com/1MB-Site/depl... Where should I go for documentation around properly using your command line interface? Thanks again!