15Five Best-Self Reviews

Our answer to the dreaded annual performance review.

15Five’s Best-Self Review is a research-backed quarterly performance management practice, where employees and their manager reflect on progress over the previous quarter and work together to map each employee’s career development path.

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David Hassell
CEO, 15Five
I am excited to announce the release of Best-Self Reviews on Product Hunt! Here’s a bit of background into the product... It’s clear now to almost everyone in the world of HR that the old model of traditional, cumbersome, tedious, annual reviews are not only ineffective and “cost” more than the return they provide, but in many cases are actually detrimental to employees and the companies they work at. But periodic benchmarking and performance conversations between managers and employees are still very much needed. So what’s the solution? Our answer is the Best-Self Review, a revolutionary new performance management practice that shifts the context for employees from one where they are judged and graded, to being supported on their journey of continued success. Using research-backed question templates and the ability to aggregate an employee’s wins, challenges, and progress on key objectives, the Best-Self Review eliminates biases and steers the conversion toward growth and forward-looking performance. The Best-Self Review is designed to occur quarterly or bi-annually and steers performance conversations toward employee growth, objectives, company values and career trajectory. HR teams can kickoff the review cycle company-wide and set automated email reminders, customize scheduling, and either clone one of 15Five’s research-backed question templates or create custom questions of their own. Employees and managers will be notified via email when a review cycle has begun. While completing their Self Review, employees can access a list of their wins and challenges, objectives, employee recognition, and previous 15Fives. This provides a comprehensive view of employee performance and contribution over the course for the quarter. For the Manager Review, managers also can access employee highlights that they’ve flagged over the course of the review period, which provides a more accurate picture of employee performance. Managers can also use the Private Manager Assessment that includes readiness and eligibility questions for compensation or bonus decisions. With the Best-Self Review Dashboard, HR can easily view the progress of all reviews, drill-down into completed ones, and nudge employees to finish. They have complete visibility into the company-wide review cycle, from start to finish. 15Five pioneered the use of technology to facilitate frequent, informal check-ins between managers and employees that so many companies have been flocking to in order to augment their annual review process (or replace it altogether). Through a lightweight weekly check-in, 15Five now delivers everything a manager needs to impact employee engagement and performance, including continuous feedback, objective (OKR) tracking, peer recognition, 1-on-1s, and now… The Best-Self Review.
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ceo, writer, event host & angel
Highly recommend checking out 15Five’s latest product “best-self reviews” — game changer for startup and big companies.
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Brent PetersonSDR Manager

I highly recommend 15five


Awesome way to improve communication within your team


None we've discovered through more than a year of use

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I highly recommend 15Five and wholeheartedly support their ability to help businesses function with more authenticity and heart.


What a gift to help employees look inward and act from their gifts and talents!


Can't think of any

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Tristan Harward
Head of Product Design @ Appcues
We're just at the point where we're looking at feedback & reviews to help our team grow—15five's release lines up perfectly. As a designer I've really enjoyed the quality they consistently achieve, clearly having put tons of thought into the product but still reaching something that looks and works great. Nice work! Can't wait to try it out!