Turn your favorite shoes into rollerskates in one clip.

Flaneurz turns your shoes into rollerblades.

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Haha these are like a 'cool' version of wheelys. Pretty pricey for the shoes + base together. Around €420 - but this is obviously partly to do with how the clips need to be placed in the sole of the shoe so you can clip in and glide around. Maybe this is something more suited to the @caseyneistat's of the world - those that know they will be using them a lot. Still pretty fun idea
@bentossell @caseyneistat made in France in Paris suburb, each pair takes us 3 to 4 hours. Handmade work for your feet ! After a success on kickstarter last year, the Flaneurz are now on sell !
I've had the chance to try them on at en event in Paris. Very nice execution on something I've been wanting ever since I outgrew those child strap-on skates. Cool to see they are now available.
@teolemon Thanks, you know that you look fresh on wheelz !
This product looks super fun, but I have to shame the developers who built the site a bit: let me use my mouse to scroll!!! I simply cannot scroll on any page on their site 😰
Forget flat rate rides from Uber. I need me some of these bad boys!
hashtag "bring the '80s back!"
@cosminbaluta the 80's with a bit of ingeniering become the 2010's !