Enjoy the ride - quick scooter hires for city commutes

Bird is an e-scooter for city dwellers, operates similar to city bike rentals.

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Evan KlineSoftware Engineer @ Airtime
I was a very frequent Bird user before receiving a $190 ticket on Friday in Santa Monica for not wearing a helmet. It would be nice if Bird placed a reminder to wear a helmet anywhere besides the bottom of the scooter where you put your foot on thus rendering the information on wearing a helmet obstructed. No one here in Santa Monica has been riding these scooters with helmets. How do I know? Because there are hundreds of them riding all over Santa Monica and Venice all day. Now that users are starting to get $190 tickets Bird is sending free $20 helmets out instead of covering the cost of the users' tickets. Bird could have EASILY placed a dialog in the app to inform you that its illegal to operate a scooter without a helmet before unlocking the scooter, but that would've hurt their revenue since most people hop on these scooters unplanned and don't carry around a helmet. Bird would rather use dark patterns to get people to commit illegal acts than have a user click through to accept and acknowledge that you're either riding legally or illegally. Here's the "kicker" though, when I was pulled over the police officer informed me it was illegal to be operating the Bird WITH A HELMET on the street I was on despite the fact I was in a bike lane and not on the sidewalk. Operating a Bird on a street with a speed limit above 25 MPH is illegal. Bird didn't care to share this fact with its riders either. The city is suing Bird for operating illegally. I plan on fighting my ticket in court and no longer use Bird because I feel tricked into having broken a law I knew nothing about.
Web Gardner
London, when?
Fred Mercuryfamous rock star
Sounds pretty nice)
Used it this past weekend in Venice and Santa Monica. It was a blast!
Damien BastinBindle Co-Founder —

I can't believe how much fun these things are!


Simple, quick, fun transport for the "last mile" commute.


Not fast enough! -jk 🚀 Would love to see more Birds around.

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