Kitty Hawk is a flying personal taxi for your personal life, backed by Google's Larry Paige and testing in New Zealand.

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... with airtime measured in fractions of an hour. Which may be why she had to "be there in 2 minutes", or else paddle to her destination. I get the feeling that everyone in this video has a Juicero in their kitchens and blood test results from Theranos. Just sayin'.
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@prayersparkmd Ha. Yeah, looks like the boat would have been a lot faster. Also, good thing nobody got clipped in the head by a rotor.
@prayersparkmd Was expecting flying car. Got hovering water scooter.
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@joshuapinter I was thinking the same thing. The propellers on my DJI Phantom 3 could put your eye out in a flash. The props on the Kitty Hawk look like they could take your head off.
@prayersparkmd lol my thoughts exactly...but hey they've got money to burn...but they might burn more with the lawsuits that come from this should it actually go to market...hihgly unlikely though
Best name ever. We've been fantasying about flying cars since before Jetsons although I question the practicality (at least anytime soon for regular consumers). More details on The Verge.
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@rrhoover Pretty cool. More like a flying jet ski or something
@rrhoover welcome to the future!
@rrhoover Wright Brothers + Kitty (take my money right meow!) + Hawks!!!! The name alone makes me love this company.
@rrhoover when I saw the chrome notification saying "flying car" I wasn't expected this.
@_sklahr_ @rrhoover agree. with all due respect, this is merely a rich kids toy. This won't be "flying" 60mph over other terrain other than water
I've never seen white people look that excited.
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@doog Just wait till they fly that thing to brunch.
The concept is kinda cool. The advert was the worst thing I've ever seen.
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@nicksmithr the advert was pretty bad indeed, it almost made me feel nauseous
@joantune @nicksmithr It's just a giant drone with buoys. Nothing revolutionary here.
Pretty cool product for the rich kids!
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