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November 25th, 2021

The world’s number one audio platform?

“We know no one asked for this but weird stuff is what makes the internet beautiful.”

We couldn’t agree more! The team at humit launched today, a fun tool to turn silly one-liners into playlists. What started as a side project by an intern looking to stand out to a crush snowballed into something more, explained maker Prithvi Sankar.

The side project sits alongside humit, a social networking app for community-driven (as opposed to algorithm-driven) music discovery that launched last year. Describing itself as “the love child of Spotify and Reddit,” hummit provides social features that Spotify doesn’t, like sharing 30-second snippets, dashboard stats, and subreddit-like forums.

The app works with Spotify through a seamless integration, which is great because the streaming giant has been hustling to become “the world’s number one audio platform.”

Last week, Spotify took a step towards becoming a bookseller with its acquisition of Findaway, an audiobook company. The move resembles its Anchor acquisition in 2019, when it doubled down on podcasting. And don’t forget when Spotify launched its own audio rooms, Greenrooms, after acquiring the company behind the sports-audio app, Locker Room.

These acquisitions will also help Spotify appeal to creators. For example, podcasters globally can now use Anchor’s paid subscription features to charge for content. At the same time that Greenrooms debuted, Spotify announced a creator fund to pay eligible content creators based on their audience size and “consumption of content.”

As for new features within the core music apps — there’s a host of those too. Top hunter Chris Messina recently spotted that Spotify is experimenting with a TikTok-esque stories feature for music videos. Messina also hunted Blend in June, a feature for creating shared playlists. The company also partnered with Peloton, Netflix, and Giphy this year to support more music discovery, plus Shopify to help artists sell merch.

And speaking of things no one asked for, Spotify took a moment to try hardware this year too.

Of course, the company's biggest social feature is due to return to you any moment now — Spotify Wrapped. We have fun with those every holiday season, but for those of you who want to want dive into social experiences year-round, you can try humit. But first…

Get weird
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