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November 16th, 2021

No bending to Amazon here

1.75 million. That’s how many sellers use Shopify to power their businesses. The powerhouse company emerged as one of the biggest winners of post-pandemic booms and hasn't looked back.

Investors and users love Shopify for its comprehensive approach to commerce. Over the last year, the company has been busy announcing new partnerships. In the spring, it strengthened its partnership with Google, enabling merchants to leverage Shop Pay (its fast checkout feature) across Google experiences. In October, Shopify announced that artists will be able to connect their Spotify profiles to their stores for selling merch. MailChimp and Shopify just launched a direct integration, and Microsoft got in on a partnership too.

Then there’s the Shopify App store, which contains over 7,000 apps. They're a critical structure for the company — 87% of merchants use them. App makers add crucial functions for sellers, and challenge the limits of what merchants can do within the ecosystem.

Vajro is a recent example. The Shopify app lets brands build iOS and Android apps that sync with their Shopify stores, with a drag and drop builder (i.e. no-code.) Not only does this give brands a better shopper experience, it enables them to take advantage mobile push notifications, live streaming, and more features that can help boost sales.

“Mobile apps have always been the big guy’s jam… We wanted to democratize mobile apps by enabling and empowering small businesses,” maker Venkatasubramanian Ravi wrote. The app appears to be a favorite among competitors, with 862 reviews at a 5.0 rating when searching for "mobile app" or "app builder" in the Shopfiy App Store.

Need more? Here’s are five top-upvoted apps from the last year for Shopify sellers.

Dialogue: An AI-powered platform to surface suggestions, upsells & cross-sells, content, etc.
Paloma: Create automated shopping conversations for Facebook and Instagram DMs
Reeview: Automate collecting product review videos
Social Snowball: Turn your customers into affiliates with automated codes and payouts
Dovetail: A tool to help recruit, manage, and grow sales through influencers/ambassadors

To no-code app sales

No-code knows no bounds.

This new app lets you start a website from a paper notebook and the Product Hunt community is all about it.

“... [F]or the past 18 months I've been building and launching tiny internet projects… I love writing using pen & paper, so the idea of running a website from my notebook seemed really fun… I've now written 40+ daily blog posts using Paper Website,” wrote maker Ben Stokes.

To Paper Websites
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