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Mike Mignano — co-founder, @anchor
Ahoy, Product Hunters! Mike from Anchor, here. You can listen to this comment:

My co-founder Nir and I have always been big fans of talk radio and podcasts, but we’ve found it difficult to record and share our own voices. We also think that radio should be multi-directional, instead of a one-way conversation.

So, we built Anchor to solve these problems and enable anyone with a smartphone to easily record and publish 2-minute audio clips, sort of like bite-sized podcasts. Best of all, audio in Anchor is interactive -- so anyone can respond with their actual voice, like a real conversation. This sparks an immediate group discussion that anyone can join. Here’s an example: It’s like starting an interactive radio show right from your phone.

Given that the PH community is into product design, I thought I’d also share our product philosophy with all of you. We call it “audio-first”, and it’s kind of like when the web went mobile-first. We believe audio products should be built more for your ears and your voice, and less for your eyes and your fingers. To that end, Anchor has elements of audio cues, narration, transition music bumpers, the ability to listen with your phone closed/in your pocket, etc. Recording works by holding the phone up to your ear, just like talking on the telephone. And when the product becomes more mature, we hope to even have voice recognition and voice commands, too.

Ask me anything here on PH... or on Anchor with your voice!


We're also doing some fun AMAs on Anchor right now. Here's one with @Borthwick, ask him anything about pre-seed investments:
Kevin William David — Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
@mignano Have been using similar apps like Zcast and Unmute. Live audio calls or podcasts is an interesting alternative to live video streaming apps like Periscope or Blab app. Its less friction to join a audio podcast than video, more like a natural way of how we communicate with others using phone calls. Last year was all about Live Video, this year could be the year of Live Audio :). Good to see more apps in this space, definitely an interesting space.

Just downloaded the app. Love the onboarding flow, great way to explain how the app works. I skipped twitter login by mistake during onboarding and could not slide up the screen. Had to slide down and signup using email. Was that an intentional flow ?

Just did my first wave :) What the best way to reach you for feedback ?
Mike Mignano — co-founder, @anchor
@kwdinc Thanks for the kind words, Kevin! We currently don't support going backwards in onboarding - but we've actually gotten the same feedback from others lately, so we'll probably make a change to support that soon.

The best way to reach us for feedback is to record in Anchor using the #feedback hashtag. We listen to every single wave, so we'll definitely reply to you there :) Thanks again!
Kevin William David — Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
@mignano Sure will do :)
Phillip Yang — Partnerships -
@mignano congrats on the launch Mike! Although I've only been using anchor for a few days, I really love the platform and concept. Going to try and be a power anchor user 👍
Alex Lukianov — LigoDrive
@kwdinc @mignano Completely agree with Kevin, it could be the year of Live Audio. By the way, I think that this is the future of radio stations because in order to hold an audience they should interact with people more actively. And this kind of technology is the only way to do that.
P.S. Guys, thanks for what you're doing! Keep it up!
Mike Mignano — co-founder, @anchor
@ligoalexandr @kwdinc Thanks Alex!
Adit Gupta — Passionate about design and math
@mignano This is so cool! Also, this is the best onboarding I've ever seen. I was totally hooked! :)
Mike Street — Thinker
@kwdinc @mignano One of the BEST on-boarding processes ever. This should be the standard other apps/businesses follow.
Borja Rojano — Founder at TapeWrite
I have mixed feelings about this product.

On one hand, it is the best darn thing I have seen in the post-podcast space period. On the other hand, as I am building something in the same space (I'll avoid the shameless plug here) I thought "shoot, these guys got it RIGHT".

I can only say: respect. This is a brilliant, brilliant concept really well executed. May you have a lot of success. I will definitely be using Anchor.
Mike Mignano — co-founder, @anchor
@tapefinder Borja - thank you so much for the encouraging words. But please don't be discouraged! It's going to take a lot of great products by a lot of different people with unique and interesting perspectives to really shine the spotlight on audio that it deserves. I'm really looking forward to trying your product when it's ready 😄
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
@mignano @tapefinder Love it when Founders are supportive of others in the space.

Reminds me of @benrbn's reply to someone on the launch of Meerkat:

Borja Rojano — Founder at TapeWrite
@bentossell @mignano @benrbn Well, what can I say when someone has a home run? (is "have" the right verb? Sorry I am not a native speaker).

Our approach is different, targets people already producing audio so it is not the same. I am not discouraged, just humbled and completely in awe. You just effing nailed it. I can see podcasts being transformed in a series of consecutive waves that people can respond to. I see the potential in inserting wave ads.

Damn, can I invest in this? I mean it.
Sar Haribhakti — Learning
@bentossell I was just gonna say that. You beat me to it. Good luck to both @tapefinder and @mignano 💯🙌🏻
Adam Marx — CEO, Glipple, Inc.
@bentossell @mignano @tapefinder @benrbn I agree with the above comments. The great thing about spaces like this (content creation and consumption) is that they are going through explosive growth right now, and expanding to include new niches every day. Music, video and publishing are similar; there is ample space for multiple products/services, and certainly enough room to figure out how to differentiate yourself amongst other players.

And yes, agree with Ben, love it when people in the same or similar spaces are supportive of one another. Helps build a broader communal dynamic, and leads to more opportunities for both parties in the long run.
Kimberley Hansen — CEO,
@tapefinder You and me both, brother. He's right, though. Keep at it. TapeWrite is interesting.
Mike Mignano — co-founder, @anchor
@sarthakgh Thanks Sar!
Jason Towns — managing director @ groundwork
@bentossell Legitimately one of the best things about the PH community...
Abe Storey — Entrepreneur & Growth Marketer
@bentossell I agree. Making the world friendlier, 1 comment at a time. Also, I thought that was an embedded comment but it's really image... my mind is being tripped. :)
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