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November 14th, 2021

The kids know AI

A couple of teens have reminded us that age can be just a number when you’re a maker. First, SpaceHey from 19-year-old developer, An, started hitting headlines last week after reaching 200,000 users.

Then yesterday, on her fifteenth birthday, Pranjali Awasthi beta launched Delv, an AI-powered engine that summarizes and graphs information to help you learn about complex concepts faster.

“Let's say you're getting into AI, you want well-researched information on a multi-layered concept like Classification Models, you plug in specific topics you want to know, websites you like reading from, Delv will build you a knowledge graph of connected concepts, with each node representing a highly relevant article's summary,” Awasthi explained.

Delv has been backed by Backend Capital, and Awasthi is an Entrepreneur In Residence at the early-stage VC firm founded by Lucy Guo and Dave Fontenot. In her LinkedIn description, Awasthi describes herself as an “AI/ML & Computational Neuroscience Enthusiast” — others have recently written she’s a “child prodigy” and “superstar on the rise.”

Awasthi was previously a research intern at the Schwartz Center for Computational Neuroscience and interned at the Neural Dynamics of Control Lab at Florida International University. There she worked in the overlap of neuroimaging and machine learning on a project that involved building a classifier to detect errors in cognitive tasks using EEG imaging, supported by a grant she received from the New York Institute of Technology.

While Awasthi’s age may surprise and inspire, the young founder supports efforts to introduce more young students to AI. She was exposed to academia at a young age via her mother and father.

“I feel we need to start even more early and introduce AI as a core subject even in elementary school starting from basic projects to increase their knowledge base,” she told Analytics India Mag (Awasthi moved to the US from India with her parents four years ago).

When imagi launched (and Instagram Kids stalled), we wrote about how kids are obtaining mobile devices at younger ages globally — in the US, half have a phone by age 11. Like founder Dora Palfi, Awasthi sees good opportunity among this trend, telling Analytics India that mobile devices can introduce kids to the algorithms behind their favorite apps.

Your developed brain may not be quite as malleable as kids these days, but if you're interested in learning about NLP models, for example, you can submit your request to Delv's beta now.

Delve into the web

Shin Kim launched Eraser today, a new all-in-one tool that pairs a whiteboard canvas for visual ideas with a markdown-powered note editor.

The startup largely targets technical teams. At one year old, it’s raised $4M in seed funding and reached 1 million users, some of which discovered the product through partnerships with other remote-focused tools like Gather (which just raised $50M itself).

Grab the Eraser
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