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Building mobile apps the easy way

The good news: It’s getting easier to build great mobile apps.

Just look at FlutterFlow, a low-code platform created by two ex-Google engineers. The platform enables makers to build mobile apps with Flutter (the Google-made SDK for cross-platform apps) — visually with a drag and drop UI.

A feature that early adopters in our community have enjoyed most in FlutterFlow is the ability “to export code and fine-tune it without limitations.” Now Flutterfly has launched one-click deploy to the App Store and the ability to add Google maps, search (powered by Algolia), push notifications, and more.

If low-code makes you nervous, co-founder Abel Mengistu explained to one commenter, “You don't need to know programming. There's a learning curve that might be a bit steeper, but most of the apps in the showcase were built by our amazing designer who's not a developer.”

Still, no-code launches you can check out for building apps include Bravo Studio, Adalo, and Glide which enable no-code web app development, too. While you're at it, see no-code testing platform Waldo for creating and automating mobile tests.

And back to the bad news: Once your app is built, you still have to learn how to market it amongst the millions of apps in the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

There are resources to help new makers there, too. There are Udemy courses and SplitMetrics’ AppGrowthLab — even MailChimp has app growth courses. Today, a group of makers from Mobile Action have also launched Mobile Growth University, a nonprofit initiative and free resource for learning about mobile growth. Courses cover topics from app store search ads to monetization, and users can earn a certificate to demonstrate their proficiency in mobile app marketing.

“An awesome overview of what is arguably the hardest part of growing any business,” wrote one commenter.

We’ll leave you with one more applicable resource to help with your app marketing – AppLaunchPad. The design tool helps you create marketing assets for the app stores and launched new features in July.

Now, go and see what kind of apps you can build without much code.

To FlutterFlow’s showcase

Splay launched today on Product Hunt raising over $150K on Kickstarter. The product combines an expandable, portable display to use at home or on the go, with an ultra-short throw pico projector.

A new addition to your WFH setup?

See the setup
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Speaking of Telegram, here are a few new bots to help makers who manage their businesses tasks with Telegram.

🛒 StoreBot - Create your e-commerce store in Telegram
📺 Fugo Telegram Bot - Manage your office/store’s digital signage with a chatbot
⚠️ NotifyXF - Get real-time notifications for events in your server/app
👥 Hyper - Sell memberships to your Telegram groups
🤖 Botmother - A no-code chatbot builder