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A new fantasy startup league
Four new ways to invest with blockchain tech

Bitcoin rebounded to $50K last weekend. It has been on a steady rise since taking a tumble from its all-time high at over $64k in April.

Mainstream crypto adoption and performance are still heavily influenced by single players — Elon Musk walking back on his support for Bitcoin was one of the drivers of the downturn. Meanwhile, makers and investors in this space press on. Here are four innovative investment-focused products we’ve seen launch since the dip.

Token Alerts - For those that can tolerate high risk, this tool can be useful for moonshot investing. It scans the Binance Smart Chain and integrates with Reddit to alert you to pumping tokens you can flip via a real-time dashboard and desktop notifications.

VitaDAO - VitaDAO is a decentralized collective that funds research and drug development for longevity (i.e. the human lifespan). The DAO offers an alternative model from how biopharma is traditionally funded in this space, which is driven by intellectual property and patents — a model that’s often seen as least beneficial for patients and researchers. Members can join by purchasing VITA tokens or earning them through contributions of work.

Dibbs - Dibbs is in the fractional ownership and sportscard trading space but presents itself as the first 24-7, real-time fractional trading card marketplace. Dibbs investors can buy fractional interests in authenticated sports cards. The cards are stored in vaults and secured with blockchain technology.

Visionaire Beta - This fantasy football meets startup investing game allows you to earn real money by scouting companies, competing in tournaments, and ranking on the leaderboard. Players buy virtual stakes by purchasing Vision Shares (virtual equity NFTs) and collect Ether when their startup performs.

Now the question is: which startups would you put in your league first?

Coding companions

Figstack helps you understand code in plain English, translate between coding languages, and automate documentation so you can focus on building what matters.

It’s one of the first launches we’ve seen of products built on Codex.

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