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March 29th, 2021

Try fractions
This month we found out that Robinhood and eToro are on paths to IPO. Both trading platforms have been helping to lead the democratization of stock and cryptocurrency trading, thanks in part to fractions.

We’ve watched as fractional ownership has lowered the barrier to entry for investing in stocks, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and real estate, but we’ve learned we’re just at the beginning. Fintech startups continue expanding on ways to invest for the love of fractions.

Pacaso is taking fractional ownership to second homes, essentially innovating on the old timeshare model. The platform brings together homebuyers, enabling you to split ownership 8 ways, i.e. they’ve cut out the middleman and you’d have fewer people to share with.

Fractional investments have become a way to reward shoppers too. Just-launched Bits of Stock lets you earn fractional shares from your favorite brands, like Uber Eats and Netflix, as you spend.

Developers: You can check out the launch of Alpaca’s Fractional Trading API, a follow-up to their trading API launched two years ago. It’s designed for makers to build investing applications and algorithmic trading strategies, enabling fractional share trading for as little as $1. At least one developer was ready for it:

“I love this product! I've been waiting for the fractional trading API ever since I discovered Alpaca. A couple weeks ago I wrote about how to use this new API + Cloudflare Workers to create a really simple DCA trading bot” - Tyler van der Hoeven

Another term for investing in portions of assets is micro-investing. However you think of it, it feels like micro-investing or fractional innovation is on an upword trajectory for shaking up FinTech and beyond.
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