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Who gets the silver kitty?

It’s time to announce our Makers Festival – Green Earth edition winner (who will be collecting a sweet set of prizes!)

Hundreds of makers took part, raking in upvotes in the thousands. Congrats to all the participants — You thought on your toes and took the opportunity to challenge yourself.

The winner and runners up are:

First Place 😺🏆 - Ryan with Grow Feedback

Grow Feedback enables teams to share instant feedback via Slack. As you grow, so does your impact — Glow plants a tree every time you send & receive feedback. Ryan shared:

“Our team used the Green Earth festival as an opportunity to build a new ESG component into Grow. Planting real trees to celebrate our users growing together has been a much bigger hit than we could have ever imagined. Letting people choose where their trees get planted and giving them certificates is icing on the cake - people have even started sharing on social media. How cool is that!”

Runners up:

Nuke My Email gets rid of useless, unread emails cluttering your inbox and costing the planet CO2. Maker, James Ivings, shared:

"While working on Leave Me Alone, we encountered a number of users who wanted to simply erase their ENTIRE inbox and start again! In our research, we found something surprising. It costs around 4g of CO2 for an email to be sent, read, and stored over its lifetime. Over 250 billion emails are daily, so these [unwanted] emails are having an immense impact on the environment!”

Green Habit helps you form habits that help the earth, like shorter showers and turning off the lights. It's maker, Nathan, shared:

“GreenHabit solves the problem of people feeling their green habits are insignificant. Too often we give up on green habits because they are simply inconvenient or less comfortable. I set out to make your green habits stick and then amplify their impact by influencing others to do the same.”

Show some love to the makers and our big blue planet today:

See all the finalists

WeTransfer cofounder, Nalden, and his Huddle co-founder, Kevin Kalle, are re-imagining social media in order to foster intentional interactions and vulnerability with the people you’re close to.

You can even see Nalden's oma, or g-ma, beta-test the app.

Huddle with loved ones
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