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June 7th, 2021

Rent your furniture

“Interior design + rental furniture, all-inclusive?” Sounds like a good deal to some in the community!

That’s what Pabio is offering with its new monthly subscription service for your apartment furniture.

The Rent The Runway-esque model as applied to home is already being used by SMBs and startups globally — notably Feather in the US and Harth in the UK (Pabio is in Switzerland for now with plans to expand soon). Some competitors offer interior design consultation, but that mostly translates to site visits and mood boards. Pabio is differentiating itself by combining interior design know-how with technology.

“The user goes through a virtual onboarding questionnaire and tells us their interior design preferences. Based on their floor plan, Pabio automatically generates a photorealistic 3D model of the apartment with furniture and decor items. We do this with our proprietary rendering technology.” - Carlo Badini, co-founder of Pabio

Rendering technology along with AR has been making its way into more of our homes over the last five years. Ikea, for example, has been a trailblazer in this space, being one of the first to launch an AR furniture experience with Apple’s ARKit in 2017 and acquiring startups like AI imaging Geomagical Labs just last year. Many more have followed suit.

There is still human touch involved in your Pabio experience. Co-founder Anand Chowdhary explains:

“A professional, human, interior designer picks furniture based on your preferences (we do a phone call to get to know you better)... They are assisted by our friendly robots, of course!”

Much of the rest, from scheduling deliveries to insurance claims, is digital. Aside from convenience, Pabio cites all the benefits you would expect and hope for when renting high-quality furniture: always-on style, flexibility, and environment-friendly goods.

Plus, you don’t have to twist a friends' arm to help you move for a measly slice of pizza since Pabio manages that too.

Rent Your Furniture

“The Ivory Tower wasn’t heavily guarded. I just needed a map to find it.”

That’s how Tyler Maloney, maker of Faves, describes content discovery. Faves is a new app that curates content “from Silicon Valley’s greatest minds.”

Faves is letting the Product Hunt community skip the waitlist for the iOS app. Maloney notes that, if done right, Faves will feel like a group chat with some of the smartest people in the world. Try it out and share your feedback.

Skip The Waitlist
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