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June 7th, 2021
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“Each festival has always been worth the work we put in.” - Justin Mitchell, Founder of YAC
Our online, global hackathon launched last week and today is the first day to submit your product for Makers Festival — Green Earth Edition!
Between busy lives and first-time maker fear, we know some of you may be feeling unsure about how your submission will shape out. We want to remind you that Makers Festival is an inclusive event and win or lose, you can usually expect to gain something by pushing yourself into new spaces of creativity, resourcefulness, and skill.
Makers in our community use this as an opportunity to:
  • Dip toes in the water as a maker
  • Test out skills with a new medium (first-time coder? no-coder? writer?)
  • See what happens when creating against the clock (with less second-guessing)
  • Create solutions to problems, big or small
  • Test assumptions and features
  • Have fun! (Building does not have lead to a unicorn!)
  • Hopefully grab prizes and swag
We caught up with past Makers Festival winners to hear what they gained from their participation. Rishi of Makerbox told us:
"As someone who was working on a pre-product/market fit startup PH Makers Fest was the fastest way to launch something (in 4 days), and test a few assumptions and features. The exposure and the number of leads/signups one gets by just showcasing a product at Makers Fest is amazing too"
Justin Mitchell and the team at YAC have an incredible story that you should definitely read.
How it started: as a Thanksgiving project by an agency team of makers.
How it’s going: "Building for Maker’s Festival not only brought us users and downloads but it was instrumental in giving us the push we needed to work outside the box. The themes each year have inspired us to innovate in new ways and with Product Hunt’s marketing machine behind it all, each festival has always been worth the work we put in. Yac wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for the Maker’s Festival. We went from a small side project, "Yelling Across Cubicles" to a fully-funded startup in less than 3 months and now a Series A backed SaaS in less than 2 years just because of the Product Hunt community and Maker’s Festival."
You could say that Mitchell and team are now Makers Festivals pros. They have competed in many of our hackathons have been contemplating what they will build for the Green Earth Edition. Mitchell shared his advice for Green Earth makers with Sharath Kuruganty here.
If you’re looking for a space to find a team, share ideas, or get support on your Makers Festival product, we got you here.
When you’re ready (submissions close June 18!), you can submit your product here.
Thank you again to our Makers Festivals partners — TechCrunch, Trends by the Hustle, and Webflow — for helping to make this event a success.
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Lead investor @ Brandizer
Thanks Sarah for the insights, if you can help us with 2 quick questions, 1/ Do we have to submit something beyond the name + url ? 2/ Can we submit more than one project? Thanks!
Sarah Wright
Content @ Product Hunt
@raoufremidan Good questions :). You'll need to submit your product with a thumbnail and description when you're ready here ( You can submit more than one.
Im MArketer
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T-shirt automation
I wonder what the theme for 2022 will be? Green certainly doesn't go out of style however.
Stefan012 baker
I am a digital marketer
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