Product Hunt Daily Digest
May 11th, 2021

A tech-agnostic health community
Who else gets excited when they find out a friend just got the same wearable as you? Seeing someone you know get active can be exactly the motivator you need.

The Cabana Health app launched this week, syncing people in team-based communities regardless of the tech they use. Users can find, create, and join “cabanas” that centralize the wellness activity you’re already tracking in your other apps. Maker MacBrennan said:

“People accomplish more together, and now there's finally a place where you can escape the verticals every health app & wearable traps you in through a tech-agnostic social health interface :)”

The Product Hunt community was overwhelmingly optimistic about Cabana’s concept and mission.

“Love this idea, the health and well-being space is super interesting now that we're in a remote-first world (many of us at least)!” Kenneth Cassel

As Kenneth points out, health tech has seen a major boost over the last year, though much of the attention has been given to hardware and telehealth. On the former topic, Peloton’s and Tonal’s growth are regular conversation topics, but wearables are getting a boost too based on the recent $100M fundraise by Oura ring.

On the latter, telehealth is going through a watershed moment. Crunchbase reported that telehealth funding is supercharged at every stage across a wide variety of startups. When EverlyWell launched on Product Hunt four years ago, some struggled to see the value in at-home testing kits. Now the company is reporting 300% growth and has leveraged it to close a $175M Series D and acquire two companies to scale its services.

On Product Hunt, over the past 2 months alone we’ve seen remote monitoring of cancer patients in India, AI-supported joint pain management, and tele-therapy for Spanish-speaking people.

While we're enjoying the convenience and accessibility of health tech, Cabana Health’s tech-agnostic approach to bringing communities together feels unique and refreshing in the blossoming of this space.
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