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Hey folks - we've been in the market for about 10 months, and are happy that a hunter added us on PH! We are a next generation healthcare testing platform, where consumers can order lab tests, collect at home, and get useful results in 5 days. We've integrated with labs and physicians to create a seamless customer experience, with a lot of complexity behind the scenes to make this happen. We're based in Austin, have 15 employees, and have ramped quickly to a few million in sales since launching in beta last summer. We'll be announcing some big partnerships later this year and releasing a new version of our results as well. Look forward to your feedback!
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This reeks of BS. Many of the tests they offer are useless or way too expensive. This doesn't remove any of the pain points of going to a doctor and it would cost more. Any doctor would want to validate any test values by running them again in a standard lab. And any major problem would require medical intervention anyway. If she's sensitive to seafood why not get evidence based allergy testing instead of hedging your bets on this service?
@joshgiambi Fair point. Reason would be hassle + possible cost savings.
@dshan yeah I should mention I'm in Canada when things are a bit different. I'm a doctor so I see a trend in doing too many tests which leads to more tests/scans anxiety and sometimes over complicates things. Often dietary intolerances can be managed by trials of dietary restrictions, which sometimes don't give a concrete answer but at least work if there is an insensitivity there.
@joshgiambi Hey there! Happy to clarify any questions...in the US, consumers have to go to a doctor (pay a copay), then go to a lab (pay a copay), and then often never get their results. We have a feature to share the results directly with your physician (which we encourage). These labs are typically used by physicians, but many of these tests are actually not covered by most insurance plans if you a) don't have the right plan, b) don't have a diagnosis code or don't fall in the right age category, or c) you just want to ask for the test on your own, which is allowed in most US states. Our tech platform enables consumers to purchase directly, works with a physician in their state to get authorization and review, fulfills the kit and tracks its status each step of the way, and then integrates with our six lab partners to translate the result data into an understandable format for consumers. It's often, though not always, cheaper than traditional labs and certainly if you are hit with an out-of-pocket lab bill. And we offer many of the most standard tests that consumers are looking for. We are also constantly expanding our test menu and lab partnerships. Let me know if you have any other questions!
Sorry you are getting some less than constructive negative chatter here @juliatcheek I bought two of your kits several months ago, discovered from one of your FB ad campaigns. Was super impressed with the service. Did a food allergy test and a men's test (testosterone etc). I would consider myself a fledgling 'bio hacker's thinking about how diet and environment effect my personal and professional performance/quality of life. Test were very affordable, user experience was great, and didn't have to pay a copay just to ask my doctor to order these tests. Have already told several people about you. This is a huge opportunity and know you guys will capture a lot of it if you continue to execute well. Keep up the great work!
@jcwinter thanks so much! We are still using our mvp results design and are really close on an upgraded platform with lots more content, better visualizations, etc. Lots to improve, but we've pulled a pretty complex process, product and tech together quite quickly. Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it.
Hunting mostly to see if anyone's tried one of their tests. I like the idea, and my finance might really benefit from the food sensitivity test (we have a hunch she's sensitive to certain seafood). Any reviews from the community?
@dshan Hey Derek - thanks for posting our product! We are trying to get approved as makers, but haven't been approved yet. Happy to answer questions, I'm the founder & CEO. Obviously my perspective is biased but we have over 10,000 customers so hopefully someone will pipe in. I'll respond to these other comments now :).
@juliatcheek Thanks for dropping in! I'm in Austin a ton, cool to know you guys are building this there. I'm definitely going to give this a try.
They're not doing the labs themselves; from the FAQ: "All of the laboratories with whom we partner are considered industry leaders in their respective areas, with extensive histories and have performed millions of tests."
@beaugunderson so essentially just transporting your blood to a nearby lab, then providing the results in a nice graph? It's kind of weird they talk about accuracy but no real data to see what the lab error or false negative / positive rate of the tests are. I don't think they make it clear that a positive result doesn't necessarily mean positive or negative result necessarily means negative.
@beaugunderson it's the same for 23andme
@beaugunderson Hey there - we are using multiple CLIA-certified labs and are bringing tests direct to consumer...we actually think it's an advantage because we aren't at risk of having inaccurate tests since we rely on proven providers. We aren't trying to reinvent the tests themselves with technology that works, but rather make it easy for consumers to order (and have transparent pricing which is often a problem with delayed lab bills).
@joshgiambi @beaugunderson hey there - our tests are all self-collect technology (blood, saliva or urine), and the customer experience is very similar to 23andMe. We work with multiple labs so we have specific validation data for each marker and each lab which is available to consumers, and we provide info about each marker, ranges, testing method, and then general recommendations depending on your results. Our tech enables consumers to order, collect, track and get/share their results in a simple process and format. This is the result of a complex build out with physicians in 46 states to authorize and review the results behind the scenes, integrations with multiple lab partners to translate inconsistent data into a usable consistent format, and a logistical operation that manages outbound and inbound logistics and SLAs among our lab partners, fulfillment, etc. Specifically on the false positive/false negative - we have an STD test where we have physician intervention for abnormal results to provide counseling & treatment via telemedicine consults. Occasionally we do have indeterminate results for that test which are managed by the appropriate physician, as with any STD product where time of exposure, previous diagnosis, etc. can impact results. Our other tests don't have "present/not present" absolutes, so those results are provided according to the lab-validated reference ranges. For critical values, they are flagged, quarantined, and then followed up on by the appropriate physician (no extra cost).
@kay0stheory not true; 23andMe has developed multiple custom BeadChips; their latest as far as I know is an Illumina Infinium BeadChip with the SNPs 23andMe has specified on it