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April 20th, 2021

NEW from Apple
It’s that time of the season—the time when most of our team stops what they’re doing to watch the latest Apple announcements.

Two updates that were anticipated but still big news were the inclusion of the M1 chipset into the new iMac and new iPad Pro. The Apple team did a side-by-side comparison of the new iMac with the previous generation. It showed how the M1 enabled Apple to completely redesign the iMac, making it 50% smaller in volume while significantly increasing its speed and performance.

In addition, the new iMac comes in seven vibrant colors. So far, our Twitter poll shows teal to be the fan-favorite.

We also finally got the AirTag, Apple’s answer to Bluetooth trackers like Tile and Pebblebee. While it seems like Apple took its time to get into this space, many are expecting the wait to pay off.

AirTags work using the Find My app, which Apple customers already rely on. Apple combines its advanced tech features in the camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, and ARKit to bring “Precision Finding” to device tracking. Plus, if your AirTag is out of Bluetooth range, it can use the billion other Apple devices that are connected to the Find My network to detect your tracker. While other tracker companies highlight a similar feature, none of them have a network as large as Apple’s.

Creators: Apple is revamping their Podcasts app with Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, enabling a marketplace where you can offer premium subscriptions to listeners.

Go here for a succinct but fuller recap 👇.
Highlights from the apple event
The team at Framer, the prototyping tool, has been busy with launches too.

They’ve just debuted Framer App for Windows and Mac for fast and stable prototyping. The free app lets you export images and collaborate in real-time.

This follows the recent launches of…

Framer Web - Their browser-based prototyping tool
Input Kit - 32 text and number inputs, triggers for your prototypes
Unsplash for Framer - An integration for easy image grabs
Smart Components - Interactive component design features
Volt - A UI kit to learn interaction design
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