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11 calendar tools for better scheduling and meeting
Today an open-source alternative to Calendly launched on Product Hunt called Calendso. The vision behind Calendso sounds akin to other open-source alternative softwares.

“Our mission is to democratise and decentralise calendar scheduling, enabling everyone to be able to use calendar scheduling however they'd like… What email has done to communication, we hope Calendso will do to meetings.” - Bailey Pumfleet, Maker

Calendso can be seamlessly integrated into businesses. Advanced customization, an open API, and payments enabled via Stripe were a few of the main draws exciting early adopters:

“Fantastic to see an open-source alternative… The UI is great as well, but the main magic is being able to do deeper integrations.” - Chris Deitrich

“Calendly [is] a revolutionary product that combined great UX & functionality… Calendso has taken it up a notch… without compromising on UX.” - Lakshmi Narayanan G

Many will likely still find Calendly’s ease of use to be beneficial for their business cases. The company launched Calendly Workflows in September to help strengthen your relationships with invitees using automation for reminders and follow-ups.

Still, between the two if you find yourself struggling with meeting fatigue or app hopping, here are 9 more tools that can help.

Superpowered - Manage your calendar from your menu bar
MeetingBar 3.0 - An alternative to Superpowered 👆
Meeting Calculator - Track meeting stats like you would a workout
Routine - Combine tasks, notes, and your calendar
Hugo 2.0 - One place to collaboratively prepare for your meetings
Comeet - Add async video to your calendar
Time Zone Pro - See everyone on your team’s time zone in a glance
Aerotime - Group meetings to free up space in your calendar
Defragged - Like Aerotime but this one's just a game for fun
Go open-source
Meet Amira, an AI tutor for kids.

Using peer-reviewed studies and 20 years of research from Carnegie Mellon University, Amira uses AI and machine learning to offer personalized tutoring services in reading for children ages 5-10.

We talked about the boom in EdTech earlier this week and Amira is another example of the recent increase in tech adoption in the classroom. Maker Candace Rucker notes that Amira is being used by over 300 school districts in 49 states in 6 countries.

Questions? Ask the maker.
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